How To Create A DIY Audiobook





A book is more than words. 

As readers we devour books in many ways. We read on our computer, phone, tablet, and yes, even in paperback form. However, we can also enjoy a book without reading a single word. I am of course talking about Audiobooks, a popular format for those on the move.

In recent weeks I’ve considered creating a Beyond Parallel Audiobook, and earlier this week I decided to go ahead with this idea. It’s role is very specific, and although I can’t say what that role is, I can share how I’m recording it.

5 Things To Consider

Creating an Audiobook won’t be for everyone. If you have the resources to do so, you may want to hire a professional. However, if you’re like me, you might want to get your hands dirty and make it more authentic.

These are the 5 tips I offer for those DIY Writers out there:


1: The Software

Your first consideration is software.

I personally use Garageband, a free piece of kit that comes with all Apple Products. However, this isn’t the only solution. I’ve also used Audacity in the past, and heard good things about Propaganda. There’s no right or wrong product to use, and I encourage you to test a few different options.

Some are simple, others aren’t. Try a few until you find one that suits your needs.


2: The Microphone

YES, you can use the inbuilt mic on your laptop, and YES, it does provide decent quality. HOWEVER, it doesn’t produce the goods in my opinion.

The main issue is background noise. Your laptop mic tends to be rather sensitive and picks everything up from the laptop itself (including that noisy fan). This will drive your reader/listener insane!

I personally use the Blue Snowball, which is good, but there are many great options out there. One thing I will say is position your mic at least a few feet from the laptop. That damn fan can sneak into your recording otherwise.


3: The Recording

When and where you record your audiobook is of great importance. Unfortunately I don’t have a soundproof room, and I assume you don’t either. To overcome the issue of creaking floorboards and chatter from next door, I’ve taken to recording at night.

You can’t control everything, but recording after hours minimises potential noise from outside forces. 

Overall, I suggest you choose a quiet room and make sure you have some peace. Early in the morning…late at night…the middle of the day when everyone is at work…the choice is yours.


4: Finalising It All

I’ve decided to provide a couple of versions of the Beyond Parallel Audiobook. Not only will I provide a single file that includes the whole story from start-to-finish, but each chapter separately.

Think about your reader and how they will want to listen. Some will one want one large file, but others will desire to switch from one chapter to another.


5: Keep It Raw & Ready

My final tip is to keep it raw and ready. If you want a perfect Audiobook I suggest you hire a professional. I’m not reading Beyond Parallel simply due to cost, but because I want to get closer to the reader.

I want them to hear my voice, get to know me, and be part of my journey. 

However, part of this process means hearing my slight slurs and mishaps. I don’t want to avoid this, rather make it part of the experience. If your audiobook is full of errors that’s one thing, but the odd mannerism here and there creates atmosphere.


Do You Have An Audiobook In You?

Like I say, this won’t be for everyone. Not all people are comfortable in front of the microphone, and time is often an issue. I estimate that reading and recording Beyond Parallel will take around ten hours. This is quite the investment.

It’s a new angle, though, and I like the raw and ready aspect that my own voice brings. Take it seriously though. It isn’t something you can conjure up in an afternoon.

What are your thoughts on Audiobooks?

Do you listen to them?

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