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Welcome to another edition of the Turndog Tales: a post about all the other great posts I’ve come across this week. I hope the following tit-bits keep you going for the rest of the day and start your weekend in style. Let’s make it a good one.


We All Judge A Book By Its Cover

I know we’re told we should’t, but we do, and when you think about it, is there anything wrong in doing so? A book is about the writing, of course, but visuals play an important role in stimulating your mind. Nick Thacker talks about creating your cover and the role it has in your story.

Whether you pay someone to do it or design it yourself, a cover is a vital aspect of your book. Fiction, non-fiction, or anything else you might create, a cover sets the tone.

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Support Your Authors

As an indie author I’m more aware about other authors these days. Whether you are or not, I urge you to help authors out whenever you can. Simply put: WE NEED YOU!

Chuck Sambuchino offers 11 ways you can help, and each one could be the difference between a success or failure. Whether they’re a big time author or small time kid (like me) we all need help. Don’t delay, support an author out today!

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The Structure Of A Book

Book architecture is an art form, and Stuart Horwitz talks about the ins and outs of a successful story. Every book is unique, but most follow a certain set of guidelines.

Chaos can quickly take hold of you, so following advice like this is not a bad idea.

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Write For Love

Alison Winn Scotch discusses how she tried to walk away from fiction, but couldn’t. She didm’t care for all the craziness that writing a novel brings, but she couldn’t help but create the story she needed to create.

She now writes without expectations, which is how we should all do it. Easier said than done, of course, but I love the mantra.  

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The Start Of Something Good?

Tor UK has started to accept submissions from writers, which although is rather small, is a win for the indie world In my opinion. Like I say, not huge news, but self-publishing is changing the landscape where the old school rules are not as relevant as they once were. 

Is this the start of a growing trend?

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Ah one-star reviews…I’m still waiting for my first, and although some can be very helpful, others are simply hilarious. Brian Allen Carr has started a new contest for those silly one liners that have ZERO point to them.

This isn’t a dig at the author (because I think this contest is great), rather the silly folk who leave these silly reviews. ‘Trolling’ on the internet is nothing new, but there is nothing more pathetic if you ask me. Keyboard warriors, please, for the love of god, get a life.

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And so brings an end to another week. The weekend is here and I hope you have an amazing time, but first, please take a look at my own posts from the past few days. Much obliged 🙂

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