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Where there’s an inspiring and thought provoking story, there’s an individual behind it. The Great Gatsby has Fitzgerald, To Kill A Mockingbird has Harper Lee, and Armageddon has Michael Bay (okay, maybe not…).

The point is that stories are great but we shouldn’t forget about the storytellers. Last week I released the Best Brand Stories Of The World, so today I’d like to share 10 of my favourite storytellers – all of which are special in their own unique way.

Some use Video others audio, some create stories for others whereas a few make them for themselves, and where a couple write and craft, others simply live and share. This is the great thing about storytelling: It’s Nomadic and has no Rules.



Bernadette Jiwa

I found Bernadette randomly one day and haven’t looked back. Simply put she has an apt way with words that says a great deal with very little. She works in the area of Brand Stories so is someone I always keep close tabs on, but it’s not the fact that she works in this area rather how she approaches it.

I always know she’ll share great videos, great stories, and offer great advice that will help me move forward. She helps people discover their own stories but is a fine storyteller in her own right.

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Chris Guillebeau

It’s hard to say what Chris does exactly. He travels a lot and writes and helps people, but I suppose the bottom line is he’s a man living life. Chris is a supreme storyteller and I knew I’d follow his journey after I read The $100 Startup.

It’s a great business book that I happily recommend, but it’s the narration that captured my heart. Chris takes you on a fast flowing journey of practical advice with tips and tricks from a wide range of individuals. The same appears on his blog and when he speaks. Overall Chris is a top storyteller we can all learn a great deal from.

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Mars Dorian

I’m a big fan of visual storytelling, and as someone with ZERO artistic skill, I’m left in awe of people who can paint and draw and animate…

I love Mars’ style and approach to the world. It’s all about the story and he shares it in a way only he can. Not everyone will like his designs, but it’s hard not to feel something when you see them. He takes you on a great path and shares impacting stories. I’m excited to see where he takes us in the future.

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Matt Knisley

Matt is a fairly recent discovery of mine but I love what he represents. Like Mars, he’s a visual storyteller, but where Mars draws and creates, Matt does so through videos and images that strike a chord.

When you find someone who develops a story with a single snapshot you know you’re onto a winner. Matt does this.

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Malcolm Gladwell

Malc Gladwell is one of my idols and I absolutely adore the way he creates stories. Like Mr Guillebeau, Gladwell has a way of bringing a fast, free-flowing element to his words that takes the theoretical world and thrusts into the practical one. This, I feel, is a gift.

He’s a supreme writer but even more of a storyteller. Through words and speaking he has a true way of sharing what he knows and it’s almost exclusively inspiring and godlike.

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Jeff Goins

Jeff is a very good writer and a true wordsmith. As a follower of his blog and having read a few of his books, I know how he can paint a picture and evoke emotion. He has a knack of making you feel ‘something‘, often about subjects you’ve never previously considered.

I suppose he’s an old-school storyteller in the fact that he relies on words. Still, words are rather effective when used properly.

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Marie Forleo

As someone who enjoys interviewing people and loves the visual world, Marie Forleo is a person I take great interest in. She’s a fantastic communicator and has so much energy in what she does. It results in vibrant and immersive storytelling

If you want to use informative videos to help share your stories then Marie is a girl to follow. You’ll learn a thing or two, trust me

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Derek Sivers

Derek is the founder of CD Baby and a rather easy going fellow (at least this is the vibe he gives). I love watching his TED Talk and other speaking events he’s done, and I love how he tells a tale.

For one of his books he turned 7 short chapters into 7 short animated videos. It really works, not just for the visual awesomeness but his voice and tone. He doesn’t just tell a story, he TELLS it.

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Steve Jobs

May the great man rest in peace. Steve jobs was a master at turning a story into an event, and at the end of the day isn’t this what storytelling’s all about – taking the mundane and crafting a work of art?

His talks are legendary and his vision, a dream. There’s not much more to say. A true inspiration.

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Richard Branson

I’ve saved Mr Branson until last because he’s somewhat of an accidental storyteller. I always thought the Virgin story was purposeful, but when reading his book, ‘Losing My Virginity’, I realised it wasn’t. He loves life and that’s all he does, but the way he goes about everything makes one epic story.

The press have always been fascinated with him and it’s because of the story behind the man and the company. Sir Richard has a way of taking an idea and turning it into an adventure. If he ever tried to write a novel I imagine he’d come up with something epic like The Lord Of The Rings.

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There you go, ten storytellers I truly admire. The great thing about this list is it could be longer, and in a year’s time it’ll no doubt have new additions. Each week I come across new people that make me stop, take a second glance, and gape in awe.

When this happens you know you’ve come across a storyteller worth following. This is what I aspire to become.

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