Skip A Posh Coffee This Weekend


The weekend is nearly upon us, which means it’s the first Saturday-Sunday combo of the Beyond Parallel Kickstarter Campaign – and boy do I have a treat for you.

As with many things online, Kickstarter is all about gaining traction and momentum. The more pledges you get the greater the exposure, which in turn places you higher in the Search Area and the more likely you are to be picked for the Staff Favourite section. All of this improves the likelihood of being featured in their Email Newsletter, which basically guarantees the success of a campaign like ours.

Are you beginning to see the importance of momentum?


How YOU Can Help

Between now (Friday evening) and Sunday evening I’m gathering as many PLEDGES as possible. I hope you’ll check out the page and consider getting the Paperback, T-shirt, or limited edition Hardcover, but ANY PLEDGE helps this weekend 🙂

That means I’m encouraging anyone and everyone to consider the £3 ($4.50) Reward which guarantees a Thank You Tweet, YOUR name on the website and in the book, and invites to both the Real World and Online Paperback Book Launch. That’s right, for the price of a posh coffee you can get to be part of this epic journey and help a dreamy writers dream come true 🙂


Getting Kickstarter To Take Notice

So far all of my attention has been on Friends, Family, and existing Readers, which is always my first priority, but to reach the target of £2,743 we need to hit the eyes of many. That’s where Kickstarter’s platform of eager supporters comes in. Two Days of solid Pledging will raise Beyond Parallel up the charts, make Kickstarter take notice, and soon hundreds – ney, thousands – of new people will be introduced to a book that you’ve known about for ages. And it will all be thanks to YOU.

How cool would it be if one of your friends came up and said, “Hey, did you see that Kickstarter success, Beyond Parallel? Dude, that sounds super cool and such and such…”

You’ll look back all nonchalant and say, “Yeah, I’ve known about it for months. Duh.”

Hmmmm, okay, maybe not, but you understand what I’m saying, right?


Skip A Posh Coffee

Okay, so this weekend please consider skipping a Posh Coffee and instead PLEDGE to the Beyond Parallel Kickstartter Campaign.

Together we can make Kickstarter take notice, introduce thousands of new people to the book, and get this target tackled with weeks to spare. Sound good? Great! You’re awesome and I appreciate the love and support.


Top weekend to you,


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