3 Days Of Kickstarter Fun




Like Steve Perry once said (he’s the lead singer of Journey), “Don’t Stop Believing!”

Using Journey as an example is extra relevant, because a Kickstarter Campaign is all about The Journey. You don’t simply buy a product, you’re joining its journey and becoming part of its story…its history…its everything.

Isn’t this lovely? In a world of chaos and noise and messages thrown from all directions, connecting with a product or brand or company in a meaningful way is far too rare. Maybe this means more to me because I’m a connoisseur of all things Storytelling, but I believe EVERYONE wants to feel something.


The End is Nigh

My first Kickstarter Campaign is coming to and end (this Wednesday (11th) at 1,43pm GMT to be exact). There’s a long way to go and it will take a mammoth effort to succeed, but we have to keep believing and battling until the finish line. If you give up with a few days to go, what’s the point in starting?


If you like reading books, consider Pledging and joining a group of very special folk

If you want your name to appear in a novel, please consider Pledging

If you want to get 1 of only 50 Hardcover Copies, please consider Pledging

If you want to be part of a book’s history, please consider Pledging

If you want to feel great and jiggly on the inside, please consider pledging

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The Beginning, Not The End!

It may be the end of the Kickstarter Campaign, but in many ways, it’s only just begun. I promised myself from the very beginning that this campaign wouldn’t dictate whether I run a future campaign or get depressed and give up, or alternatively, get excited and think I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I’m going to learn… reflect…and move on with excitement and new ideas.

Now isn’t the time to talk about what I’ve learned from all of this and what I intend to do in July and beyond. I will share a great deal soon, but not just yet.

Right now it’s about focussing on the end of this Kickstarter Campaign and giving it everything. I’m proud of the video and the content and what’s been created, and even more proud of the friends and family and strangers alike who’ve pledged and raised a humbling amount of money.

I’m not very good at asking people for help like this, and I find promoting others far easier than promoting myself. It’s been a humbling experience and one I wouldn’t swap for anything.


You Can Help Now

I don’t want to keep going on and on and on. If you get a chance, please click here and devour what’s on the page. If you’re willing and able, please Pledge, or if you already have done or are unable to, please think about a few friends or loved ones that love reading and may love the idea of joining the Beyond Parallel Journey.

This isn’t buying a book, it’s joining its journey.

It’s been a heck of an experience and here’s to ending it in style 🙂

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