Why Storytelling Matters To Your Business – YES Your Business!




The pair of us sit opposite one another drinking coffee and chatting away. I’ve wooed him with my storytelling chatter for I am a storyteller, and he is too, I assure him, but the question I anticipate awaits. He fidgets in his seat a little, pauses, and then leans in.

“I love it Matthew, and I think Storytelling in Business makes sense…but…I don’t see how it will help ME. How will it help me retain existing customers and find new ones?”

I counter with a pause of my own, smile, and take a sip of my coffee because I get this a lot, and rightly so, too. It doesn’t matter who I speak to: large business, startup, one-man-band, designer, author, artist, solopreneur… they do what they do to make a living. Ideally they love waking up each morning and living a life built on passion, but there comes a time where MONEY rules the roost.


The Storytelling Odds

If I was to meet 10 strangers at an event and woo them with my Storytelling chatter, I predict the following:

  1. 3 out of 10 would dismiss me immediately (these are not my kind of people)
  2. 5/6 out of 10 would love my storytelling ways, but doubt storytelling in business
  3. A mere 1 or 2 would fall in love immediately (these are my kindred brethren)

As a general rule people love what I do because they love Storytelling. It reminds them of childhood and precious times with their precious kids, and a whole host of aspects they love (songs, movies, books, people…). They love the premise of it and would love to introduce storytelling in their business, but they’re reluctant because they’re unsure how it will:

  • Make Money
  • Bring ROI
  • Help Retain/Aquire Customers
  • Capture Market Share

Plus, many people don’t think their story is worth sharing, but to those people I say: STOP! Your story is worth sharing. It matters. And if you approach it properly it brings money and customers and all those things we measure business on.


Tackling Your Hesitation

I understand and welcome the hesitation, and I won’t lie, Storytelling isn’t for everyone. I personally believe each person is a Storyteller, if they wish, but it only works if you EMBRACE it, so if you’re expecting miracles or a special potion, walk away now. If you’re curious about the power of Storytelling and how it can rock your world, here are a few points I counter the predictable hesitation with:



1: Pushing Through the Chaos of Competition

Without knowing your industry or sector, I confidently predict you face stiff competition. Barriers have been driven down, making the importance of standing out all the more vital. Storytelling does this!

Your product and idea and style can be copied, but your story is unique. No other person or business can touch it. In a world where you’re vying for something unique and special, it’s hiding under your nose in Storytelling form. Connect with people in a meaningful way today, and when it comes to choosing between YOU and a competitor tomorrow, you’re in the driving seat.

I recently had a chat with a friend who battles it out in the supermarkets each day, and once I pointed this out I saw his eyes twinkle. The Storyteller within him sparked to life because he could see the point of storytelling in his business.


2: Your Clarity Rests Within Your Story

I am a Storyteller, and as a Storyteller I’m most tranquil when Storytelling. When writing Fiction I can’t expect to understand or appreciate my characters without creating backstory and living in their shoes. In your instance the characters of your story are your products and customers.

By embracing storytelling you begin to understand your products, service, and customers in new manners. You appreciate what your message should be, how to provide it, and what you can do to stand out in the crowd.

As someone whose background is in marketing, people oftenask me: “How can I use {Tool X} to get me lots of new customers?”

How the hell should I know? All tools work if used properly, but to use them properly requires understanding the inner workings of YOU, YOUR Customer, and what YOU offer. Storytelling provides this clarity.


3: Your Customers Want to Feel Something

The average consumer can receive 5,000 messages each day. They’re bombarded with brands pushing messages on them, and you yourself are subject to this on a daily basis. People desire more. They want Brands to make them feel something and evoke a response within their loins.

If you want people to remember you ahead of your competition tomorrow… next week… next month and next year… you have to make them feel something TODAY! Push messages at them by all means, but you’ll form part of a very crowded cloud. Pull them in with Storytelling and you immediately stand out, and no, you don’t have to use fluffy and emotional means to do this, either.

Promotions and Adverts and Discounts still work, but it’s the way you approach them and how you embrace Storytelling.


The best thing about this is that it works in the Macro & Micro settings of your business. I often talk about my Projects being Small, Medium or Large, and no, this isn’t to belittle the importance of the client or story, rather to explain the level of involvement.

A Small Project looks at the Micro World of your business. It may include a single campaign or product or department. A Medium Project looks at several aspects of your world, and the Large Projects tackle your Macros World: not just the story that your customers see, but the inner working of Who you are, What you do, and How you’re super awesome and special.

That’s why Storytelling Matters to YOUR Business, because it isn’t all or nothing. It may begin with a single video or product or department, but this connects you with the RIGHT people in a meaningful way.


Why Storytelling In Business Matters

I love talking about storytelling, and although the predictable hesitation stumped me in the beginning, I now look forward to it. It’s natural to wonder: What’s in it for me? There’s nothing wrong with this, and on the surface Storytelling seems like a fluffy luxury that nobody needs.

I say NO! not just because I’m a Storyteller, but because I’m a consumer constantly battered by businesses who don’t care. Those who take time to share their story – no matter how big or small or grand it may be – are offering me an invitation, not forcing a leaflet in my hand and saying BUY THIS.

I want to feel something and so do your customers. Storytelling connects you with the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Turndog – @turndog_million



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