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I’m happy to share an incredible discussion I had with AJ Leon, the man behind The Persuit of Everything and ultimate Misfit. AJ is a forever nomad with an incredible outlook on life, and as I chat with him about mistakes and overcoming adversity, you’re sure to uncover a unique insight.

Enjoy this top talk in aid of The Successful Mistake.


AJ LeonAJ nomads around the world and makes things happen. He is currently traveling around the world in 1,080 days primarily by land and sea. He is a writer, designer, entrepreneur and humanitarian that has initiated social projects in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, The Philippines and England. He is the author of The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit and publishes weekly articles at Pursuit of Everything about living with intention, doing work that matters and changing the world.

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The Interview Overview

  1. AJ talks about placing too much emphasis on client work, where the initial plan was to create products and services and movements of their own
  2. We discuss the difficulties of balance and how client work pays money – allowing you to keep going and creating a foundation for the future
  3. He talks about self doubt, not knowing if they were ready to create things off their own back – were they good enough?
  4. It reminded AJ of his job in the corporate world so he changed course and this is when the misfit movement began
  5. AJ and I talk about the risk of concentrating on aspects like conferences and projects that you love and how it doesn’t guarantee success.
  6. We consider freedom and doing something that matters, and focussing too strongly on client work helped him realise this.


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