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Your About Me Page is one of your most visited pages, right? When a reader lands on your website, and intrigued by your ways, they desire more info about YOU. Your About Me Page IS NOT tasked with converting the masses, but it is an opportunity to showcase who you are and how you help.

There are plenty of posts about how to write an about me page, but my aim isn’t to write any old nonsense, NO, rather THE ULTIMATE ABOUT ME PAGE! If any page deserves to stand out above all others it’s this one. As such you should spend a great deal more than 5 minutes on it, but to get you started and show you how rocking it can become, here are some quick fire tips to transform it from okay to WOW.


The Ultimate About Me Page Is:

The aim is to have a high average read time and a high bounce rate. “Woahhhh, what the hell are you talking about, Turndog? Why would I want a high bounce rate on one of my most valuable pages?”

I understand this may go against the grain, but not everyone is your Right Audience. In fact, you may find a low percentage are, but your About Me page is a great way to immerse the Right Person. You don’t want people visiting this page and showing vague interest. You NEED EXTRMEMES:

  1. Watch every video and be yours forever
  2. Leave after a few seconds

This is the role of The Ultimate About Me Page. It’s not to say you shouldn’t care about the other folk, and hopefully they’ll find interesting articles along their travels, but this is the page that needs to evoke the emotions in the RIGHT people.


**The Storytelling Stater-Kit has an abundance of amazing About Me Page Examples – Just saying**


5 Minutes Is All You Need

I encourage you to spend many more minutes than five, but it’s amazing what a little attention creates if used properly. I’m a storyteller, so it’s no surprise I approach the About Me page as a journey. My Own Story demonstrates all, taking you on a particualr adventure full of the Right Information for the Right People.  The result: a higher bounce rate and a higher average read time.



Don’t copy mine, nor should you copy anybody else’s. This is YOUR Page. It’s About YOU. Give yourself 5 minutes and do the following:


1: Talk in First Person

If there’s one thing that puts me off a person/brand, it’s landing on their About Me Page and reading something like this:

“John Smith is an expert marketer with over twenty years of experience at the likes of Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toms. He regularly works with brands to establish a market edge that creates differentiation and growth.”

Ahhhhhhhh, what the frick! This is so bland and impersonal. It’s designed to appeal to the masses and provide nothing but information, but that isn’t the role of your About Me page – at least it’s not the role of your Ultimate About Me Page. This doesn’t evoke emotions in anyone, so rather than speak in the third person, share it in the first:

“Hi, my name is John Smith, an experienced marketer who works with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toms. I live to work with brands to help them establish a unique edge and to stand out from the competition.”

A little tinkering creates a great deal. All of a sudden it’s a single person speaking to another single person.


2: The Balance of You & Them

Although your About Me Page is about YOU, it isn’t solely so. Tania Dakka says there should be you‘s than I‘s – meaning, focus on your reader more than yourself. Now, I don’t completely agree with this ratio because I think everyone’s balance differs, however, what you should take from this is the balance between YOU and THEM.

After you’ve taken your About Me Page into the first person, how often do you use words like I and Me, and grouping words like Us and We? Don’t stress yourself and remove them all, simply balance it with words like: You and Your. Taking the above example, we may change it to read:

“Hi, my name is John Smith, an experienced marketer who works with exceptional brands like your own. Sure, I could talk about my time with Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toms, but I prefer to focus on the present and how I can help you establish a unique edge and stand out from the crowd.”

This isn’t a YOU LOVEFEST. Your About Me Page is about showing who you are and how you help the Right Folk. Include them. Invite them in!


3: Visuals Matter

The final quick fire tip is to consider the visuals:

  • Are you using the right font?
  • Do your images represent who you are RIGHT NOW?
  • Is there enough colour or far too much?

The actual information within the text or video or image is important, but it’s the visuals that create your instant connection. As Your Ultimate About Me Page is tasked with immersing the Right People, how it looks is vital.

  • Don’t use any old font, use a font that aligns with you and your brand
  • Don’t use stock images or outdated pictures, utilize those that represent who you are at this very moment
  • If you wish to have certain aspects stand out, use colours that align with your brand

My Story uses minimal text. It has certain videos that share the greater story. The images are taken and designed by me. Everything has a purpose and is carefully chosen. You too can create an About Me Page with purpose.


The Ultimate About Me Page Is Here

You should spend more than five minutes on your About Me Page, but a little love and attention creates a great deal. The important point to take from all of this, is to personalise it and share it in a way ONLY YOU CAN. Your aim is to get the Right People drooling and falling in love. You don’t achieve this by pleasing the masses. Be bold and speak to the Right Individuals. Share the only story you have to share!





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