How To Crash Your Site On Your Biggest Day (TWICE!) And Still Be Crazy Successful





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Today is a re-do, because I’m sharing my amazing talk with Jaime Tardy once again. Jaime released her long anticipated book last week, and I cannot wait to share it with you (Check out: The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur & Successfully Grow their Startup).

Jaime has interviewed some of the world’f finest minds, and this is a book I’m excited to devour. I was lucky to interview her for The Successful Mistake, and it just so happens to be one of the stories I share the most. It’s tricking awesome, so read the overview below and be sure to watch the video. It’s a good one.


The Interview Overview

  1. Jaime shares her big mistake: not being prepared for when your BIG Break arrives
  2. She talks about  appearing on the CNN and Yahoo homepages, which is great, but her site crashed almost immediately because her hosting couldn’t handle it, meaning the majority of her potential traffic never arrives
  3. We discuss the fine balance of being prepared for the best, but not wasting money, either
  4. Jaime didn’t think this would happen again, but it did, and the result was once again a crashed site
  5. Looking back, Jaime simply didn’t plan ahead or place enough confidence in herself or her abilities, but she’s now prepared for anything – whenever it may come.
  6. She talks about not necessarily aiming for the stars, but being prepared for them. This allows her to approach everything she does in a more prepared and proactive manner.


Jaime TardyI’m Jaime. Ever since I was little I had this weird feeling, a knowing that I would someday have a million dollars. While I don’t have a million yet, I’ve always been intrigued by how to make a million.

In 2006 I decided to crush my debt and quit my job. I read a massive amount of books and websites about how to do it. The world of personal finance and entrepreneurs opened up to me. By April of 2007 I was able to give my notice at my job. I took time off to find out what work excited me.

I found it. Now I help entrepreneurs focus their money and their strengths to create an amazing life while they build their net worth.

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