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If you haven’t noticed, we live in a fast-moving, attention-shrinking, competitive-bulging society, and I doubt 2015 plans to stem this chaotic frenzy. In fact, I’ll go as far to say we’ve only just scratched the surface, and as technology continues to develop exponentially, standing out form the crowd will get harder and harder and harder. But there’s one age-old aspect of human living that’s alive and well, because we continue to trust stories and storytelling and storytellers with all our worth. That’s why I encourage you to tell your story in 2015. Because to tell your story is to embrace one of the final unique traits you own, and something those around you can never steal.

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I don’t care who you are, or what your circumstance, you can tell your story in 2015 and join an ever growing crowd of forward-thinking backward-thinkers. Oh yes, Brand Storytelling my be all the rage these days, but it isn’t new. Storytelling’s as old as the human race, and until recently, the premier source of passing down knowledge, expertise, and general going-ons.

Throughout history, we’ve looked up to great storytellers like wise-old deities, so it should be no surprise we, as people, trust stories, and listen to businesses who share their own. They’re embedded into our DNA and evolution, so when someone shares a compelling story, we lean in and listen. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, your story can help.

If you’re a business owner, tell your story – your staff’s story, your customers’, your process and general going ons…

If you’re a writer, musician, or artist, tell your story – share your audiences’ point of view, and how you work and apply your craft…

If you’re a freelancer or contractor or consultant, tell your story – showcase who you and why you’re better than your competititors…

If you’re a marketer, tell your story – your brand’s story, and the culture your business has built, and the people who make it tick…

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A year ago, I created a presentation called, Your Story Matters, Damn It! As I prepared this post, I realised it’s as relevant now as it was back then. In recent months, it’s inspired me to create a talk/workshop I deliver to schools and colleges. It focusses on the power of storytelling, and our innate trust in them.

I’m happy to share it with you now, and hope it inspires you to tell your story. Now. As in, right now!

Like I say, Brand Storytelling may be a popular new trend everyone’s embracing, but it’s hardly new. Storytelling’s as old as time itself, and although we live in an instant society today, this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, it’s a relative click of the fingers in our history. Until a few decades ago, we passed down our wisdom and learnings through stories, myths, and grand adventures.

We haven’t always had the internet. Or TV. Or even books. We’ve always had stories, though. The world’s always had impressive storytellers with a special knack to immerse and inspire. This is why we trust stories as a species. It’s why more businesses are sharing their own.

But I fear writing a post like this, because although I want you to tell your story in 2015, and join today’s forward-thinking brands, I worry you’ll jump on the bandwagon like so many others have. You know the type, the person/business/guru who changes the name of their about page to, Our Story.

Pshhhh, please. I see this too often, so when I say I’d like you to tell your story, I mean tell YOUR story. Embrace it. Love it. Deliver it to your audience and strive to make a real difference. If you tell your story with the sole aim to make a quick buck, you may as well leave this site right now. Seriously, we’re not meant to be.

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My hope is, because you’re here, you’d like to tell your story. You’d like to tell YOUR story. Your one-and-only tale that holds the key ingredient your customer craves. But I also appreciate you’re wary, because what if you have a boring story? What if it isn’t worthy of public consumption? What if people laugh or ridicule?

I assure you, your story’s worthy and wonderful and 100% yours. Storytelling happens to be a flexible beast, too, like water as it twists and turns to suit its surroundings. I’ll let you in on a secret, because lots of people assume I’m a copywriter when they first meet me. I understand this, because I introduce myself as a writer and storyteller, and people associate stories with books.

But each time they assume this, I sigh, because a story can take on so many forms. When you tell YOUR story, maybe it’s about you, the owner, or about your staff or customers or local surroundings/community. Maybe to capture this, you share it through words or design or video or images. Maybe it requires physical touch points (because you own a shop, or a reception area), or maybe everything’s online.

Maybe it’s a mixture of all these aspects, which I promise you, is the most common result.

It’s different each time, because your story is unique to you. It’s yours. Are there rules when it comes to storytelling? Absolutely! But these rules surround the structure and creating conflict and intrigue and anticipation. Not the story itself or how you share it. That’s unique to you, which is why I love storytelling oh-so much.

It’s different each time, and forever keeps you on your toes.

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If you’d like to tell your story in 2015, and finally form relationships with your customers that matter, you have work to do. There isn’t a simple overnight solution, and it isn’t a case of once you’re done, you’re done. When it comes to a good story, it never ends. It evolves and grows and changes as you and your business does.

Oh no, if you want to tell your story, you need to commit, but this doesn’t mean you have to throw loads of time and money at it. When I say commit, I mean you must embrace your story and the power it holds. If you don’t, and tiptoe into this, you’ll create a bland and meaningless message (the same marketing messages everyone shares) that nobody cares about.

I offer you a solutions for you, though, and it’s to Join My FREE 30 Day Brand Story Course. Delivered straight to your inbox, and packed with the same tools and processes I take my clients on, it’s the kind of commitment I hope you make. Simply put, if you want to tell your story in 2015, and embrace the power of Brand Storytelling, this is the course for you.

This Free Course also offers some limited one-on-one access to me, and I try and get as involved in your brand story as I can. It’s a guide, though, and takes you through my unique Discover + Create + Share Technique. YOU have to do the work. YOU have to do the digging. YOU have to delve deep and figure out what your UVP is, and ensure you don’t create some bland offering all the other bandwagon-jumpers do.

There are lots of PDFs, Templates, Books, and Videos to help you along the way though, and considering I’ve placed over 100 hours into this Free Course, it covers all the major areas you need.

Now, what excuse do you have to not tell your story in 2015?

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I get it, you’re bombarded with people and tools and solutions that say, “This.Is. The. Answer. Do this one thing, and your business worries are over.

That isn’t what this is. If you choose to tell your story, and approach marketing in a different way, it won’t solve all your business woes. Far from it. You’ll continue to push and prod and hustle for every customer… reader… listener… user… until the day you figure IT out. Who knows when that day arrives, but if you do figure IT out, please get in touch and tell me your secret.

Although Brand Storytelling doesn’t solve all your worries and woes, it does provide meaning – not just to your cusomters, who start to see the real you, but YOU and your STAFF, too. Because when you embrace your story, and decide to truly understand it and share it, your brand’s UVP shnes through, which leads to new ideas, fresh processes, and a culture that literally elevates you above the crowd.

More and more people, businesses, and brands will tell their story in 2015, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any good. Because most folk jump on the bandwagon and add a ribbon around a piece of crap. Well, you can dress up crap all you like, but it remains crap come sundown.

You, on the other hand, are ready to commit. You’ll tell YOUR story. Whether you choose to join my free course or not, I suspect you’re about to begin something wonderful. I hope you’ll share it with me, too, so be sure to reach out via FACEBOOK or TWITTER. This is where the cool conversations take place, and where I chat to forward-thinking go-getters like your fine self.

So, here’s to you and your bright future. Will you tell your story in 2015?


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