[Guest Post] 6 Big Mistakes That Turn Good Entrepreneurs Bad




[Guest Post] 6 Big Mistakes That Turn Good Entrepreneurs Bad

I recently published an article on Influencive.com where I focus on six big mistakes that turn good entrepreneurs bad. I wanted to tell you about this post here, and if you like what you see, you may like to read the rest.

Anyways… this is how the post begins

If you’re anything like me, I imagine you would like more:

  • Freedom…
  • Money…
  • Growth…

And you would like to have less:

  • Stress…
  • Pain…
  • Responsibility…

Simply put, you want to earn more by working less. You want to make the most out of this (one) life you’re given, and you want to fulfill your potential and become a true success story. What if I told you this was possible, and that it’s your mistakes that play a fundamental role.

Or more importantly, the type of mistakes you make, and the ones you DO NOT make.

Not All Mistakes Are Equal

Your mistakes and failures can be your greatest resource. James Dyson failed 5,126 times before he found a version of his revolutionary vacuum that worked. Each mistake provided valuable lessons and taught him what did and did not work. But not all mistakes are valuable. Some mistakes have the power to turn a good entrepreneur bad, and instead of learning these first-hand, I encourage you to learn from those who have been there and done it. So if you desire to earn more and work less, be sure not to make the following mistakes:

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