Why Finding A Rock Star Editor Matters





If you want to become an author you need an editor.

When I first ventured into the world of writing I thought I could do it all myself. Oh how naive i was. A self-published author CAN publish whatever they want. They shouldn’t though. They should publish only their best work.

This requires an editor

I want to become an author, but boy do I need help


How To Find Your Rock Star Editor

You have to search for one

If you’re reading this for a list of the best editors around, sorry, this isn’t the post for you. Instead my advice is this:

Find An Editor That Aligns With You!

If you’ve read How To Build An Author House (if you haven’t you can download it for FREE HERE), you’ll notice how I refer to YOU often.

Find the right communications for YOU

The right style for YOU

The right fill in the blank for YOU

Finding an editor is no different. It’s not about finding someone who’s good at grammar, it’s about finding that special someone that can help you grow in general.


How I Found My Rock Star Editor

I’m still in the early stages with my Editor. I may change my tune in a  few months and bitch and scream about her. I doubt it, but you never know.

I chose the marvellous Susan Gottfried, and found her via a post by India Drummond

My search began about a week earlier. I asked people on Twitter, searched Google, and looked for recommendations by people I respect. I was looking for someone:

  • Affordable (I’m not in position to use everyone)
  • Who was a person (I didn’t want a service. I want a relationship)
  • Who aligns with ME

The final point is the most important


Why Susan Is Awesome

The Blog Post singing Susan’s praises is a good start. I then checked out her website, which isn’t amazing, but not outdated either.

The real draw was her style and voice. She loves music and came across an interesting person. She was someone I wanted to read about, which I thought was a good sign.

So I emailed her and immediately knew I’d found my editor. Sure, I got her to do a sample, and sure, I checked out some of her other clients. I had a great gut feeling, though, and this is usually enough.

However, the thing that reality cemented things was from an email she sent. She said:

Just keep your eye on the goal: making the book the best it can be. It’s not about YOU, it’s about the words on the page.

I want an editor I can work with for years to come. I want to become friends with them, learn bout who they are, and create a genuine connection. I feel I’ve found that with Susan. I could be wrong, of course, but I think i’ve found a keeper.


How you Can Pick A Rock Star too

Simple…find that person who best suits you.

Don’t settle for anyone. Don’t use the first service you come across, or the cheapest, or the one that has the best looking client list. Search and be patient because a good editor will help you become an author.

I didn’t think I needed one once. Like I say, I was naive.

Choose an Editor that aligns with YOU! Don’t settle for anyone else.

If you have an editor you would like to recommend, please do so below

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