How Quitting The Bottle Can Help You Become An Author





I want to become an author. Recently I’ve taken to saying that I already am one. It was Jeff Goin’s book, You are a Writer, that cemented it for me. However, until you publish your first book it will forever remain tainted.

I want to become an author, but I won’t fully fulfil this dream until it’s available for people to buy.

Recently I’ve taken some large strides to make this happen. I hired my first editor (Susan) and had a couple of people Beta Read my first couple of chapters. It’s a terrifying time right now. What if Susan tells me it’s awful and I need to start again?

I will find out what her thoughts are soon, but I’m going to be an adult about it, whatever the feedback is. I will take it on board and make this book happen!


The Big Step

My aim is to release Beyond Parallel in November. If Susan’s feedback is ok, this will happen. If not, I’m not so sure. I will make some definite decisions in the coming weeks, though.

Regardless of what happens, you can expect to hear more about Beyond Parallel in the coming months. This isn’t what this post is about, though. I want to discuss a decision I’ve taken that will help me create my masterpiece.

I’ve Quit The Drink!

Ok, first things first. I’m not an alcoholic. However, I am from Yorkshire, and as such, enjoy a pint of beer, a large shot of whisky, and yes, carry a hip flask around from time to time.

This all stops for the next few months, for I will not have a  drink until I launch my first Fictional Book (aka Beyond Parallel).For some this isn’t a big deal, for others it will be. Whatever you think, this is happening and it’s a big deal to me.

Why I’m Doing This

I want to become an author. I want to have a book for sale that people – people like yourself – can buy from real shops (ok, Amazon and Barnes & Noble). To make this happen, certain actions need to be taken. In my case it comes down to three reasons.

The first two are minor. They are:

  • Save Money: I think I’ll save enough money to cover a lot of my editing costs between now my launch
  • No More Hangovers: I’ve recently had some wasted days because of the dreaded hangover. This means no writing or productive work getting done.

These are minor, though. The real reason I’m doing this is:

To Make Myself Desperate



That’s right, I want to become an author, and as such, I need to need it. I’m  a big sports fan, and it’s quite normal for an athlete to go without shaving until they lose/win their next game.

Every itch and scowl in the mirror is a reminder of what they want. It makes them hungry for success.

The same premise applies to me. Every time I want a drink it reminds me why I’m doing this.

I want to become an author!

I want to have a book for sale!

I need to succeed!


How Desperate Are You?

You too are a writer. Maybe you’re like me and doing your first project, or maybe you’re on your tenth. Hell, you might be just thinking about it, but stop dreaming and start doing.

If you want to become an author you have to be hungry for it.

How hungry are you?

I’m quitting the bottle, but maybe you’ll quit chocolate or bacon or movies…

What are you will to sacrifice for your writing?

What have you sacrificed in the past to create a masterpiece?

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