Can The Second Screen Help Your Startup?





Second Screen Viewing is a growing trend in America, but it’s rarely used in England. Generally speaking, only the worlds largest Brands are using this new means to communicate.

Can a Startup join the party?

I believe they can, but first let me share an experience with you…

A couple of nights ago I was watching a new show called Revenge. I don’t watch much TV these days, but this is a show I quite like. I was ready for a new episode when a voiceover caught my attention.

It was pointing me to the E4 Website (that’s the channel is was on) for an experience that would provide an extension to the show. It was a concept I’d yet to experience first hand on English TV. I was intrigued.


The Second Screen Has Arrived

If you are unaware, the Second Screen refers to using a portable device (laptop, phone, tablet) to extend the TV experience. It allows a Brand to extend their message. It appears on TV as a passive message, but gives the viewer the option to turn it into an interactive conversation.

This isn’t new in America, but us Brits have yet to pick it up to any great degree. I personally love the idea of the second screen, but can a Startup with limited funds use it to grow their brand?

In my opinion yes, but you need to alter the definition.

Before we look at how, lets first revisit my experience with Revenge. How was it?

Average…that’s all I can say. There was a nice Twitter Feed following #Revenge, and some interviews during the Ad Breaks. In fact, the interviews were really good. It gave a behind the scenes insight into the show, which is a nice feature for fans.

Overall it was pretty good without blowing my mind. I’m glad E4 have done it and hope they continue to implement. Things will only get better.


Entrepreneurs & The Second Screen

You might be wondering what the thought process is. How can a Startup harness the second screen when it involves being on TV? This is usually not a place a startup goes.

All you have to do is think outside the box.

The Second Screen is a portable device. It tends to be a Laptop, Phone or Tablet. I don’t know about you, but I tend to have at least one of these devises on me at all times. A startup, if they wish, can take advantage of the Second Screen by taking it on tour:

  • Use it at a conference
  • For an experiential event
  • In a meeting with a client
  • At a workshop
  • For a print advert

The point is, you don’t have to stick to the rules. The main aspect of the Second screen experience is the actual Second Screen (laptop, phone, tablet, etc).

How can you interact with your clients, customers, and investors in a way that takes their experience to the next level. Think outside the box and the Second Screen can be anything you want it to be.


What Do You Think?

As I was watching Revenge and keeping a close eye on my laptop, a maze of ideas began to form. I thought of all the ways I could use a smartphone or tablet to extend my message. This extension, isn’t this what the Second Screen experience is all about?

It won’t apply for all Startups, but a savvy Entrepreneur can harness the Second Screen experience and us it in a way that helps their Brand

Can you use it for your own Brand?

How creative can you get with a second screen?

Let me know below, I’d love to hear your thoughts

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