The Evolution Of A Website





Have you noticed some changes around here?

In the last few days I’ve been adding a few to this site and will continue to do so.

Marketing is evolving, and as a marketer I must adapt. A couple of weeks ago I talked about the difference between Evolution & Change. In a way this is an extension of this.

My own marketing is evolving all the time.


What’s Different

For those of you visiting for the first time, these are some of the changes:

  • I’ve stopped using ‘For Business’ and instead using ‘For Entrepreneurs’
  • I’m using the word Consultant much less
  • I’ve reworked the About Me page
  • I’ve created some new Landing pages for my Free Ebooks
  • I’m using ‘My Services’ rather than ‘Consultancy’
  • I’ve reworked my Service Pages completely
  • I’m using the term Brand Story & Brand Stories

This is a quick overview of things. Why am I telling you this? Because I want to be as transparent as I can and keep you in the loop. Why? Because that’s how I do things.


Why Things Have Changed

Marketing is evolving…hell, the entire world is. On the 1st June I launched my new site. I thought I had it all sorted. I thought I knew everything I needed to. Guess what?

I Didn’t!

Over the last 30 days I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve received feedback, analysed my website stats, and watched videos, read books, and come up with new ideas. As such, my entire outlook has evolved!

In my Free Ebook for Writers, How to build an Author House, I talk about how your platform evolves a great deal early on. We make mistakes and come up with new ideas. As an Entrepreneur you understand this better than most.


Why Evolution Is Important

Do you want to know why I’ve gone from Business to Entrepreneur? Because I want to work with Entrepreneurs. I realised having a title that said ‘For Businesses’ didn’t offer a true vision of what I’m doing. It wasn’t specific enough.

This is the same reason I came up with the idea of  The Brand Storyteller. I didn’t like the idea of being a consultant. I feel It holds negative connotations. Perceptions of stuffy old Gurus. This doesn’t express my true Story.

Is this the end of my Evolution? Absolutely not. In a month things may change again. The hope is that these changes become less and less as the months tick by.

I’ll discover my voice

I’ll discover my purpose

I’ll discover what does and doesn’t work


How You Can Evolve Too

If you’re a Young Entrepreneur you’ll evolve too.

Don’t worry, evolution is good. If you’e changing on a whim and jumping on bandwagons, this is bad.

You need to find that fine line between listening too much and not enough. Be open to new ideas, but make sure they’re right for you. Ask questions, listen to feedback, and come up with new ideas. Think carefully and consider if it will make you better. If your gut is saying evolve, it’s probably best to listen.

As I say, Marketing is Evolving. You, Society, the entire world…we’re all evolving, too. Keep your eyes open and adapt when you need to. Don’t be stubborn and stuck in your ways. Be a 21st Century Thinker.


Are you evolving?

How is your business growing and adapting?

What have you done recently that has had you doing things differently?

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