Hey Entrepreneur, Make A Mistake Or Three





I’ve always lived by the rule: Give people the opportunity to fail.

Show me a man who’s made no mistakes, and I’ll show you one who hasn’t lived. For to really live, you need to make mistakes.

You have to date that girl you know’s trouble

You have to have one too many drinks

You have to have that woful job

We need regret. If we don’t have mistakes to look back on, how the hell can you learn from them?


Mistakes Are There To Learn From

If you learn from your mistakes, you’re doing just fine. If you keep making the same mistake over and over, hmmmm, you need to sort yourself out.

This isn’t a post about making the same mistake time and time again. It’s about making mistakes that will help you grow. It’s something all Entrepreneurs go through, and it’s something I’ve begun to realise.

Earlier this month I returned to my old University. I entered the Business School for the first time in nearly 3 years, sat in my old lecture hall, and got comfortable for a talk by Mark Shorrock.

Mark was going to talk about being an Entrepreneur in the new age energy world. He did something amazing, though. He didn’t concentrate on all the good things, instead he told us about his mistakes.

Guess what? There were loads of them.


To Be A Success You Need To Make Mistakes

If you speak to a successful Entrepreneur who says she hasn’t made a mistake, assume she’s lying. It’s like a gambler who only talks about the big wins. Somehow the mention of the big loss never comes up.

We all make mistakes. Some are big…others are small. They all provide valuable lessons, though.

Mark’s talk really helped me. It helped me realise I was on the right track. More importantly, it helped me realise my best results were still to come.

I’m young

I’m raw

I’m full of mistakes begging to happen

This isn’t bad…so long as I learn quick and adapt even faster.


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What To Learn From Mark

Mark made a lot of mistakes, but some of the points I took from his talk were:

  • Take the offer when it comes
  • Do less and love more
  • Pick your team very carefully
  • Strike while the iron is hot. Act NOW
  • Work with People who DO…not simply talk
  • Use your common sense and listen to your gut
  • You need a really clear vision
  • Take calculated risks
  • Persevere and keep going. For the love of God keep going

These were just some of things I took from the talk. I wanted to share it with all you entrepreneurs out there. All you Young Guns making your mark. All you innovators looking to change the world

You will make mistakes. In fact, you NEED to make mistakes


The Trick To Making Mistakes

Are there things to learn from Mark? Sure, and I feel I can avoid some of the things he mentioned. However, I don’t want to avoid them all. I need to learn for myself. I need to discover my own weaknesses. My own limits.

If I don’t it’s a matter of time before things collapse, right?

The key to everything is RISK.

It has to be calculated. This is something Mark spoke about throughout his talk. He kept saying he took risks, which were scary, but they were things he could mange. We need to find our own definition of ‘calculated’

If you don’t take risks you’ll get nowhere.

These risks have to be calculated, though. They have to be manageable and something that won’t destroy you. I suppose the idea is to make lots of small mistakes, learn from them, and therefore avoid the catastrophes.

What would you prefer? Lots of small mistakes or one giant one?

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