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It’s a proud time to be a Brit. We’ve had someone make the Wimbledon Final, the Queen has been the Queen for a LONG time, and the Olympics is rocking London. Not only that, it’s been a success. Long live the Brits

Speaking of the Olympics…is your Brand a Gold Medallist or is it further down the standings?

First of all, there’s no shame in not topping the podium. This has come to light even more in recent weeks. Some of our athletes have done soooooo well, but been a long way off Gold. We’re still proud, though, and you can be proud of your Brand, too.


Progression Is the Real Winner

Great Britain have been working hard in the last decade. This hasn’t translated into Gold every time, but it has resulted in more medals and more finals than we’ve seen in a long time.

Progressions is sometimes the best we can hope for. 

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t aim high. Nor does it mean you won’t top the podium in the future. But patience is a virtue, and this can be hard to remember when we’re forever fighting our competetitors

As such, this Post goes out to all you Young Entrepreneurs out there. It goes out to all you young businesses growing and thriving. You may not be top, yet, but if you keep progressing, you can.


How To Progress Like A British Athlete

In the past couple of weeks I’ve heard many an interview, heard many a story, and be inspired by many a person. These are some things I’ve picked up that an entrepreneur like yourself can take on board.


1: Put In The Hours

Our swimmers have been amazing. We’ve not done well in the medal table, but we’ve made so many finals, set so many personal bests, and worked so very hard. If you want to take your Brand Positioning to the Gold Medal, you have to put in the hours.

For a swimmer this means getting up at 5am, for you it might mean working weekends, staying in the office until midnight, or go out of your way for a meeting.

Gold Medal Brand Positioning doesn’t just happen!


2: Hustle

Peter Wilson won the golden medal in shooting. This in itself is great, but his journey is amazing. A couple of years ago his funding was taken away. He could have quit, but instead he hustled.

He spoke to a friend of his, who happened to be part of the Dubai Ruling Family, and asked if he could help. He visited the palace, sold himself, and got the money. He did what he had to. He hustled his way into the 2012 Olympics. He gave himself a chance at Gold.

You have to be in it to win, and sometimes you have to fight. If you hit some hard times, work harder. Hustle your way into that Golden Brand Positioning spot.


3: Do It For The Love

Olympic athletes work long and hard for a moment of glory every four years. They might have other competitions, but many of these are in front of a hundred or so people. No TV deal, no supporters, no care whatsoever.

They do it for the love. They work for a moment every four years.

Do you do what you do for love? If you don’t, it might get hard down the line. Building a great Brand takes time. Great Brand Positioning is a journey. You will see dark days from time to time, so make sure you love what you do.


4: Take Pride In YOU

What I loved more than the medals, was seeing someone happy and proud because they did a Personal Best. These athletes were doing it for them. They were proud of themselves, and let’s face it, this is what it’s all about.

When you started your company, you did it for for you, didn’t you. You had a dream. 

Have pride in your Brand at all times. If it’s struggling and new to the market, shout from the roof tops. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. Be proud of the Brand you’re building


5: Enjoy The Process

Most of all, keep smiling. Enjoy the steps you take. Building a Great Brand is tough, and success is often reserved for just a few. Whatever happens, enjoy the process. Success isn’t always defined by great Brand Positioning. 


Brand Positioning – How Proud Are You?

The Olympics has been an inspiring experience. Like I say, I’m a proud Brit!

It has also helped me see my Brand for what it is. It’s helped me see ME for what I am. Do I want a Gold Medal Brand? Of course I do, but I also know it will take time. What I’ve decided to do is take pride in my work, no matter how many people read it, buy it, and share it.

If I keep progressing, this is all that matters. If I wake up proud, and go to bed even more so, I’ve won. Maybe not Gold…maybe not yet….but I’ve won.

Are you a winner too?

Share your Olympic inspiration below…

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