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Friday is here and the Olympics is nearly over. This means I might actually get some work done, instead of being glued to the TV.

Ah reading, we will soon be reunited 🙂

Right now it’s time for The Turndog Tales, though, the weeks best news. So settle in, take off your shoes, and enjoying the best bits of the web


Create A Character That Matters

I’m currently doing some final edits for my debut novel, and therefore always on the look out for some top tips. I found some this week in the form of character creation. Melissa Donovan is the writer, and the advice on offer is good.

Whether it’s creating, refining, or tidying up your stories characters, there are some tips to follow here. Take a look and see if you can give your lead man or woman some help.

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Amazon Can Help Your Blog

Many people begin blogging to help sell books. Their Blog, simply out, is a vessel to drive people to their Amazon page. However, can Amazon help bring people to your Blog? Jeff Goins says YES

Jeff talks about how making his book available for free helped introduce him to new readers, get more subscribers, and ultimately make more money. 24,000 readers in three days. Now you’re intrigued, aren’t you?

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The Rumble Continued To Rumble

Last week I talked about the comments of Ewan Morrison. This week brought more opinion on the matter, and on this occasion it was David Gaughran who came with the goods.

It’s a great round up of the self published versus traditional route. David is certainly a do it yourself type, but he speaks sense and with calm demur. Articles like this are what writers should read. Whatever side of the line you’re on, it provides great insight

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Are Book Covers Dead?

In my opinion, no, but NPR provides an interesting piece. The argument is people don’t buy books based on covers anymore (were we ever supposed to?) and the Ebook revolution is ending the art of the cover.

I must say I disagree. I think covers are more vital now then ever. Choice is intense online, and a good cover can make all the difference. I suppose the main change is function over style. We now need large text and something that reads well as a small picture. As such, the art of the cover is possibly hurt. But dead? What says you?

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Are You A Good Writer?

I was hoping to leave Porter Anderson out this week’s Turndog Tales (I may have to change it to the Porter Show), but he’s done it again. This time he looks at your writing, how you learn from others, and how you discover your own voice.

It’s fascinating and something very relevant to me. I had an interesting chat with Porter in the comments and a lot of what he says makes sense. If you’re a writer still finding your voice, it’s a worthy way to spend five minutes.

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The ‘Blood Hell, Really’ Post

50 Shades of ‘bleeding’ Grey. It’s now the top selling UK book ever, apparently. When will it all end? When will the world see sense?

I can’t say much more, other thanoh dear

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And that’s it. The weekend is now here so go and enjoy it. I will leave you today with two things to consider. First of all, let me encourage you to buy Jeff Goins new book, Wrecked, for just $.99.

He has set his sights on ousting out the Fifty Shades series. Please help 🙂

The second is to consider joining me on my 3 Hour Author House Course. I have a few places available at the special price of $97. If you need help with your Author Platform, this is for you!

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