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We’ve entered October, which means September, and its website stats, have been left behind. I’m not one for holding onto the past, but I do enjoy analysing it.

If you would like to see how September compares to August, you can take a look here. But let’s move on to the present and see how the website stats hold up this month.

I use Google Analytics to get all this info, and as I’m sure you know, there are many stats to be had. I focus on a few, though, and this is what I consider to be important:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views
  • Ave. Page Views
  • Ave. Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • New/Returning Ratio
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Pages/Posts

September In Numbers

This is what the overall website stats for September looks like:

Visitors Overview   Google Analytics

Most of the stats this month are on the increase. It’s encouraging, too, because I only wrote one Guest Post. This has resulted in a higher ‘new visitor’ ratio, which can be deemed both good and bad. I like to look on the good side 🙂

However, both my average page views and time duration is down, which is a little disappointing. I want to see my average time climb toward 5-minutes, which at the moment is a long way from happening.

Overall, good things are happening. But how are things faring up on the week-to-week stakes?


Week 1

Week 1


Week 2

Week 2


Week 3

Week 3


Week 4

Week 4


As you can see, there’s been a consistent amount of traffic coming to the website in September. It’s taken a few months, but my daily traffic has stabilised and isn’t relying on Guest Posts as much.

Does this mean I’m satisfied? Nope! Still much to be done 🙂


The Referrers

What brought the most traffic in September? The top 5 were:

  • Twitter – 271
  • Jane Friedman – 143
  • Facebook – 67
  • Virgin Media Pioneers – 62
  • Stumbleupon – 53

All in all, pretty standard to other months. The Guest Post on Jane’s site was a big earner, as were the usual suspects. What is good to see is the large increase in Twitter traffic.

I put a lot of time in Twitter so it’s good to see that it’s beginning to pay off.


The Posts/Pages

A huge part of unearthing your website stats is to see what people are reading. This month was a good one. The top 5 most visited posts/pages were:

  • Hompage
  • 16 Tips From 16 Successful Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Apps All Young Entrepreneurs Should Own
  • 5 Versatile Websites Aspiring Authors Should Follow
  • Blog Homepage

3 of the top 5 are Posts, which is a first for this writer. It’s great to see, because although it’s nice to see people visit my homepage, you ultimately want them to read your content. But do you notice the trend in the Post Titles?

They all have numbers in the headline!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably read a lot of articles on improving your Blog. A big part of this is grabbing attention, and the headline is a valuable aspect.

Will this work for you? Maybe…maybe not. It might be worth considering, though


An Overview

To summarise:

  • Persistence on Twitter works
  • Posts with numbers in the title are boss
  • Guest Posts continue to do the business

I’m by no means ‘big time’ just yet. I have a long way to go, but everything is heading in the right direction (for the most part). I have a few months until my book launch, so still have a way to go yet.

And so we move to October. Will it be as good as September…better…worse?

Do you find these stats useful?

Is there something else you’d like me to focus on?

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