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I can’t believe my website has been live for three months. Time is ticking far too fast for my liking. Before I know it, it will be 2013 and I will have a book to release and another one to write.

Anyway, putting my nerves to one side, let’s take a look at my website stats for August. If you want to compare these stats with those of the past, please check out my June & July website stats.

I use Google Analytics to get all this info, and as I’m sure you know, there are many stats to be had. I focus on a few, though, and this is what I consider to be important:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views
  • Ave. Page Views
  • Ave. Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • New/Returning Ratio
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Pages/Posts

August In Numbers

This is what my website stats for August looks like:

Overall website stats

Before I start unearthing these numbers, let me say one thing. I didn’t do as many Guest Blogs this month, which in the past, has been a primary driver of traffic.

I only did two Guest Posts, and only one of those brought any significant traffic. I did this because I wanted to see what my organic stats look like, and thankfully, they stepped up to the mark.

It’s great to see my unique visitors take a significant jump, as did page views and bounce rate. My average time, however, and pages per visit, both saw a decrease.

As always, I’m keen to see how my week-to-week stats looked:


Week 1

website stats Week 1

Week 2

website stats Week 2

Week 3

website stats Week 3

Week 4

website stats Week 4

As you can see, the month got better and better and better. The fist two weeks were steady, but week 3 saw a nice jump, which can be attributed to one particular Blog Post (more on that soon).

Then came my Guest Post on Firepole Marketing, which added to my own post, brought good times.


The Referrers

It’s vital to know which sites are sending you traffic. This month my top 5 were:

  • Twitter – 208
  • Virgin Media Pioneers – 87
  • Facebook – 74
  • Stumblupon – 72
  • Firepole Marketing – 68

Twitter saw a slight increase, Facebook dropped significantly, and Firepole Marketing provided similar stats to all my other Guest Posts thus far. The big change this month was Virgin Pioneers, which BOOMED.

The reason for this will be clear next 🙂

Overall, these stats are very pleasing to see. They show my Guest Posts are worth the time, that my primary Social Media channels are bringing people, and my community engagement is working.


The Posts/Pages

This is where some interesting changes have occurred. My top 5 most visited pages/posts were:

  • 10 Apps All Young Entrepreneurs Should Own
  • Homepage
  • Blog Homepage
  • For Writers
  • To Kill A Mockingbird Review

First of all, it’s good to see my For Writers page getting love once again, largely because my Guest Posts this month weren’t aimed at this.

The big one, though, is my 10 Apps Post. This saw a lot of Tweets, a lot of views, and a lot of love. It’s the first time my Homepage hasn’t come top!

I wouldn’t say I’ve created a post that’s gone viral, but I have written one that’s caught some attention – largely from the Virgin Pioneers Community. I don’t share all my posts on this community, but I do share those I feel can help young entrepreneurs.

As for My To Kill A Mockingbird Review, well, it regularly gets search traffic, and to be honest, I’m not sure why. This may just bring some new readers my way.


An Overview

To summarise:

  • Guest Blogging is great, but your own posts matter, too
  • Twitter & Facebook are going GREAT
  • My Community Engagement is decent

There’s still much to be done, and I’m by no means a super star blogger…yet. But my Website Stats have improved month on month, and on this occasion, it didn’t rely on a few big Guest Posts. This is very encouraging.

It also shows that some things remain a mystery (yes I’m looking at you To Kill A Mockingbird).

And there we go, another month ended and September already under way. I hope this information helps.

Would you like me to analyse anything else on my website?

Am I missing some important stats you’d like to know?

Share your questions in the comments below…

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