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The rain is beating down on my window, but that Friday feeling is still there. Before I venture out into the world and start some editing, let me first share my favourite tales of the week.

The Turndog Tales is here and ready to rock your world. I hope you start the day inspiring form 🙂


What Should You Do?

I’m a big fan of Joel Friedlander. Each week brings some excellent posts, and this week is no different. Joel has worked with many writers, and his advice is simple…do two things!

Write and market

It’s a post that encourages you to outsource certain things and concentrate on the important aspects of the publishing journey. It’s golden advice.

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What’s The Most Important Strategy?

Write a good book! That’s the advice from Jonathan Fields.

Good marketing will only make a bad product fail faster, those are the wise words from David Ogilvy. The same is true for books. It doesn’t matter how good you are on Twitter, you need a solid book to begin with.

Your writing is important and don’t ever forget it

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What To Do Around Launch Day

The big day arrives and your nerves and excitement are in overdrive. What the hell should you do?

M.J Rose has come up with some great tips on how to plan for your big day, and Dara Beevas gives us a great insight into her own book launch week. I suggest you take a look at both of these posts are take in the goodness. Each is a fun time 🙂

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Marketing For Introverts

Are you a writer who just so happens to be quite introverted? Chance is, you are, but do not worry, the world is still your oyster.

Kelli Russell talks about how an introvert can market their book in style, and boy are there a few good tips on show. Read…learn…love

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Stay Productive Folks

As someone who writes on the go, I’m always keen on productivity tips. This post by Ben Ellis offers 10 pieces of advice that may sound obvious, but I bet you overlook a few of them.

This is a fine post for writers of all styles. Click on through and see what you can learn.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

This post by Baldur Bjarnason is stellar! Self publishing is a great thing, but in it’s current form it’s difficult to navigate. Simply put, us authors have no idea what’s going on!

How do we know how many people visit our Amazon page, or download samples, or convert into sales? We don’t, and it makes life tough. This is worrying and needs to change in the coming years. Agree?

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And that’s it for another week. I hope you have a great weekend and please come back soon. I have some exciting things occurring in the coming weeks.

But before you leave, pleas take a look at my own posts from the past few days:

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