The Turndog Tales: 14/10/2012 – 19/10/2012





Another Friday is upon us, which means the time for some Turndog Tales is here. Boy do the weeks fly by these days.

It’s been another great week for news, so why don’t you have a little gander below and see what’s on offer.


Only 3 Books In 12 Months

I personally couldn’t do this little challenge proposed by Chris Brogan, but it’s an interesting concept. I couldn’t do it because there are too many books for me to read at the moment. Maybe in a few years time, but what about you?

The premise is simple. Read three books over and over and truly rip them apart. Is this approach better compared to reading 20 books? I’m not sure, but it’s a fine idea

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Copyright For Writers

For me, this is a biggie. As you venture into the world of publishing, it’s important to know what you are and aren’t covered for. Do we need to worry about piracy? How about someone plagiarising our work?

This Q&A Post by Brad Frazer is a great place to start. I’m still getting my head around certain aspects, but overall, this has helped me move onward and upward.

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Audiobooks…Do We Need Them?

I personally don’t listen to audiobooks, but should I provide them for my readers? I’ve considered the idea, and right now, the answer is no. But in the future? Well, I’d be crazy not to.

At least this is the advice from Thomas Umstattd. He provides seven reasons why we should think about it, and do you know something, I am. Good job Tommy my boy

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Overcome Doubt & Fear

Jon Bard offers 5 ways to overcome self-doubt. I’m not sure about you, but this is something close to my heart. Writers are always suffering with doubt, that stupid, plaguing feeling that destroys you from the inside out.

Well, this post is a good place to start overcoming it. Have a read and see if it helps

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The Ultimate Ether

Porter Anderson is back ladies and gentleman. After a few weeks away from The Turndog Tales, he’s back with some info from the Frankfurt Book Fair. I’ve read some good posts documenting the big event, but this is the best one I’ve come across.

It’s very detailed and very awesome. You should read it…all of it…and see for yourself

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Nick Thacker shared something with us all this week…his first piece of hate mail.

I feel for you, buddy. Some people are plain inconsiderate. I’m all for feedback and criticism, but pointless words are pointless. A sad state indeed.

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And that’s another week over with. As you read this I’m on route to London, so please send some good vibes my way (London is always far too busy for my liking). And please, have a read of my own post from this week. Go on…you know you want to:

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