Today I’d like to welcome Arnold Du Toit, or should I say, welcome back.

Arnold is the head honcho of the exciting Rolley Golf, and I was lucky to catch up with him and talk about mistakes, overcoming them, and what it takes to be a modern day entrepreneur.

This interview is in association with my new book project, so please watch and let me know your thoughts. Can you learn from Arnold’s experiences?


Interview Overview:

Take Your Time

Arnold talks about the development of the Rolley Golf, and how they have jumped the gun on a few occasions. Despite a great deal of planning and testing, their early models still had issues. This created disillusion among certain potential investors.


Bad Press = Good Press…Sometimes

Despite certain issues, the Rolley Golf was deemed exciting, which made a few of the investors and customers see the potential. Had everything gone according to plan, the perception may have been slow, boring, and aimed at the older generation.


Concentrate On The Positive

Arnold talks about the positives from this experience, and how discussed this with employees and partners. He made sure everyone was aware of the issues, but most were a quick fix. The positives, on the other hand, these offered the motivation needed to move forward. It continued the drive and excitement.


Learning On The Job

Arnold learned a great deal, but he was able to hone in on two major details. The first was the product and market. It was a reality check, which helped him understand what stood before him. The second was who his ideal customer was. Many people left after the initial problems, but the ones who stayed became loyal advocates.


Don’t Get Excited

We finish up with tips for others. Arnold talks about keeping your excitement intact, and to be weary when the good times roll. Most people use this as an opportunity to celebrate, but Arnold found this was, in fact, the time to take a step back and concentrate.


Please watch the interview above, and if you have any comments, leave them below. We’d love to hear from you.

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