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The weekend is nearly upon us and it’s time for some Turndog Tales. I offer my favourite stories from the last seven days. Will you find some inspiration?

I sure hope so 🙂


The Future Of Reading

This article is amazing, largely because it’s cool as funk. Imagine having an e-reader that’s foldable and rollable? You would no longer have a newspaper that can get crumpled and messed up, nor do you have a bulky piece of machinery to catty around.

Well, the future is near. Have a read and see what tomorrow holds. Are you as excited as I am?

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Self-Publish Book Design

Joel Friedlander is always offering top tips for Indie Authors, and this one is no different. Us self-published folk like to do things ourselves, and if we don’t do it on our own, we like to at least understand the process.

This post offers 17 aspects we should know about Book Design. I suggest you read and devour, even if you plan on hiring a pro. Understanding the ins and outs can never harm the end product.

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Marketing The Unmarketable

This post by James Campbell hit home because I face similar issues. He discusses how someone who writes literary fiction should approach marketing.

Beyond Parallel is contemporary/literary, which means finding an audience is rather hard. James talks about this issue and offers some fine tips to get through it. 

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Self-Publishers To The Rescue

Some say self-publishing is destroying the industry. Ed Robertson isn’t one of them.

In this post he discusses how indie authors are saving the day, and how, when you look at prices over time, it was the traditional publishing houses that allowed things to spiral out of control. This is a fine, detailed post and one I highly recommend reading.

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Get Your Book Reviewed

In my opinion a review is a writers best friend, even if that review is negative. Dana Lynn Smith discusses how you can get reviewed, where, and what you should do to make it happen.

It isn’t all about The Times or massive, traditional sites. There are many places you can turn to, and each offers a new way to be found and critiqued. I personally love what reviews offer. Even the one-star ones 🙂

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

This article by Dylan Love made my heart cry a little. He talks about his hatred for Ebooks, which is rather sad when you think about it. It’s like hating MP3’s or Youtube Videos.

I understand some of his frustrations, and I understand that many people will prefer a printed edition. But Ebooks offer certain qualities that paperbacks can’t, and for this it’s hard to hate. Option is good…choice is marvelous…having the freedom to appreciate several formats makes us very lucky indeed

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And so brings an end to another week.

I hope your weekend is fine, but please, before you go off an enjoy your freedom, consider a few of my own posts from this week. They include:

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