50 Brands With Amazing Brand Stories: 50 – 41




In this day and age a story can do a great deal for a brand. I’m always on the look out for companies with a tale to share, and I’d like to introduce you to 50 of my favourite brand stories – starting today’s countdown with 50-41.

Now, the following Brand Stories are just my opinion. There was no poll or public feedback, just one man’s thoughts on the brands that surround him. I’ve chosen some because of the videos they share, and others because of their background. What they all have in common is an inspirational vibe that has grabbed my attention.

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50: Zappos

Zappos-packageWhat better way to start a list like this than with Zappos, which let’s face it had to make the final cut.

Yes, Zappos are one of the leading companies when it comes to culture and sharing what they do, and the story on offer is superb. It may be a little overused and some are sick and tired of this brand popping up everywhere, but few can deny what they represent.

They say it perfectly themselves: CUSTOMER SERVICE ISN’T JUST A DEPARTMENT.

They live to take you on a journey and their story is no different. It’s all housed on a single website that showcases the entire Zappos mantra in a few short minutes.

This is a true example of what a 21st century brand can achieve, and something we can all learn from. They certainly set down a marker to strive toward.

The Story



49: Faraday Bikes

FaradayPorteur-otrI came across Faraday Bikes on Kickstarter and fell in love with their story and concept. The video is a delight and showcases what the brand is all about. It may not be the cheapest product on Kickstarter, but this it’s sure to land on the radar of all commuting enthusiasts.

Everything about this brand is simple and elegant, two traits I adore. They could certainly do more with their story, and if they did they’d be a great deal higher up this list. Hopefully this is merely the beginning.

It aligns though, and when it comes to a compelling story this is what you desire.

The true selling point is the video, which demonstrates the power of this medium. It’s inviting, informative, and captures your emotions.

Bike lover or not, this story is worth following.

The Story

48: Green & Black’s

green-blacks-logoWho doesn’t love chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate with a great story behind it?

Even better than the taste is the simple nature of this tale. It offers minimal information and a host of delicious (and may I add, tempting) images that represent the brand perfectly.

It may not be the flashiest of stories, but it’s  quaint and lovely and just had to make the list of great storytelling brands.

Whether it’s where the products come from – great stories about the farmers and traders – or how they make it all chocolate-ly and lovely – which is sure to kick your taste buds into gear – you can practically taste and smell the delicious offerings.

This is a very tempting tale that achieves a great deal without having to do too much.

The Story


47: Nike

nike-kobe-8-system-premium-what-the-kobe-1They’re one of the largest companies in the world so it shouldn’t be surprising that a grand story comes with it. I’m a big fan of this heritage page. Again, it doesn’t sparkle or stand out a great deal, but it offers just enough information to immerse you into the brand.

The website, overall, showcases Nike in a good light and takes you on a journey through their brand, endorsers, and how they’ve become one of the world’s premier brands. A great example once again.

If you didn’t already know, you soon will after reading this: Sport and Nike are like yin and yang.

They’ve been involved in many sporting events which makes their story immense. It’s not always about you, sometimes it’s the world around you and the world that you’re involved in. Nike associate the two very well indeed.

The Story


46: Krochet Kids

KrochetKidsVolcom2Buy a hat. Change a life: that in itself tells a rather wonderful tale. I’m a huge fan of the growing trend of socially caring companies, and brands like Krochet Kids are leading the way.

Their story showcases who they are, what they hope to achieve, and how they’re making a difference TODAY.

Brands like these are giving back and making a success of it. It makes for an unbelievable story and a great journey to be part of.

The Story page on their website is somewhat bland, but the website as a whole shows the grander picture. This is a company built on a few particular values and they’re damn proud of it. Rightly so, too. You have to love the sunglasses-wearing-prom picture, also. Looking funky, gentleman.

The Story


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45: Custom Ink

inky_largeSome companies look like a great place to work, don’t you agree? Custom Ink is most certainly one of these.

I love their simple story as the team behind the scenes guide you through the last decade and more. It showcases how it began, the couch that spurred it, and how invoices once looked

A few minutes on this page makes you feel part of the journey, and it’s easy to see why people speak so highly of them. Their industry is rather crowded with a great deal of competition, thus making storytelling even more important.

They describe themselves as a company with a heart and it’s hard to argue otherwise after going through this story.

Tip your caps, guys – or should I say customised T-Shirts.

The Story



44: SuperJam

picture 13_v_Variation_3I was lucky enough to interview SuperJam founder, Fraser Doherty as part of The Successful Mistake, and I immediately knew his was a story to follow. He began his venture at a mere 14 years of age, and I’m afraid this site doesn’t quite capture his incredible tale.

Still, it showcases a few great sides, and it’s easy to see how SuperJam has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Take note of this young entrepreneur. He has a rather bright future ahead of him.

As it stands, the main piece of the puzzle is the video following Fraser around his kitchen. I hope this story develops one day because it would be great to see how he took his Grandmother’s recipe and turned it into what it is today.

A real feel good story that’s hard to hate, and will more than likely make you hungry for some toast.

The Story

43: Graeters

Graeters3My American home is Cincinnati having spent eight summers working in its outskirts. There are several local businesses that I love, but I think Graeters holds the grandest piece of my heart.

On far too many occasions I’ve delved into their tasty delight, and when I took the time to uncover their story online, I was pleasantly met by a bevy of information.

This is a local business with heritage at its heart, and the way they share everything with the folk who care is great. The history and process of making this delicious concoction is fascinating, and the story is elegantly shared throughout.

So much can be achieved from so little, and this is a perfect example of what can be done if you go back to the beginning and are transparent with who you are and how you live your day.

The Story



42: Interflora

interfloraThis flower company has been running for 90 years. That’s rather a lot of flowers!

They lovingly share their story – from then-to-now – on their site, and the way they capture each generation is superb. Through images and cool facts and figures, they pull you into their world. Flowers are a rather everyday purchase, and some will see little value in a story like this.

It’s for this reason why it’s so important.

Once you spend a few minutes on site you uncover how valuable and reputable they are. As with Custom Ink, this is a crowded market, but why go anywhere else when you can deal with a brand such as this.

The layout, the pictures, the journey through years gone by… yes, this is a story I can get on board with.

The Story



41: Red Bull

img201_1redbull1As arguably the most exciting and exhilarating company in the world, Red Bull share their story in style. Their Brand Story comes in the form of the ultimate press page – complete with videos and images and books-worth of content

They’re so involved in various sports and industries that this is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn more about a company. If you want to research stories in general, this is probably a good place to begin.

Videos, interviews, images, music…the list is large

Not everyone can pull off a story like Red Bull can, but the way they lay things out, the way they associate themselves with other industries, and the style they portray at ALL times, certainly can be replicated.

If you want to share an exciting tale this is the case study to devour!

The story 

There you go, the first ten brand stories shared. As I say, this list is my opinion only, but the brands mentioned are built around stories that inspire me in some form or other.

I hope you’ll join me next week as the countdown continues, and if you’ve yet to do so, make sure you check out the other editions in this series of awesome brand stories:  50 – 41  l  40 – 31  l  30 – 21  l  20 – 11  l  10 – 1

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