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Have you ever seen Online Interviews and wonder how the likes of Srinivas Rao, Jaime Tardy and Andrew Warner do it? Most use Skype, and YOU can too. It’s actually rather simple, and The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit: a Beginner’s Guide to Recording & Interviewing on Skype shows you how!

A few weeks ago I shared my #12in12challenge, and as of today it’s begun – meaning by Septmeber 2014 I need to release a further 11 books in The Starter-Kit Series.  A rather tough and arguably insane challenge indeed, but I’m confident and excited about the coming year. I hope you’ll join this journey, so please SIGN UP and FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK.

SO… about this Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit. What’s it all about?

I’ve always been a fan of Skype as it allows me to stay in touch with friends around the globe, and when it came to interviewing people for The Successful Mistake, using Skype was a no-brainer. However, Skype alone is rather useless for Skype Interviews, but with a few handy tools and tips, setting up a Vlog, Podcast, or TV Channel is super-easy.


These are all words that make entrepreneurs, writers, artists, solopreneurs & budding journalists smile : )


The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit

The whole premise of the #12in12challenge is to provide short practical books that help the BEGINNER. My personal outlook on life is TO DO, and although leaving certain aspects to professionals is highly recommended, I prefer to learn and try things for myself in the beginning. This means I’ve read many guides, manuals, and performed more trial and error than is probably healthy.

It also means I know what the beginner desires, and it isn’t a long boring book full of ALL the ins and outs. No, you desire a book that helps you get from A-to-B as quickly as possible. In a nutshell this is what The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit offers. It provides:

  1. SUPER QUICK LEARNING – 50 pages that can be read in under an hour
  2. PRACTICAL ADVICE – plenty of worksheets, visuals, video screencasts, interviews & more
  3. HELP FROM THE PRO’S –  insight from Srini Rao (BlogcastFM), Jaime Tardy (The Eventual Millionaire) & Jim Hopkinson (Hopkinson Report)
  4. ACTIONABLE STEPS – what equipment you do and don’t need, and where to get it
  5. NO FLUFF OR CRAP – no complications or advice aimed at the experienced veteran. This is for YOU, the beginner

If you’re an experienced Skype Interviewer THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU. If, on the other hand, you’re new to Skype, Online Interviews, or would like to know how to record Skype calls and perform professional online interviews, The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit is perfect.


Get Your Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit NOW

I encourage you to Discover More and find out whether The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit is right for you. This book isn’t for all, but I’m always meeting people who ask how I do this or how I do that. The #12in12challenge is my way of answering these questions, and Skype interviewing is my first stop.

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