Why I Send An Email Each Day & Drive People Insane





As 2015 broke into life, an itch developed under my skin. A sneaky idea. One that terrified me, because it meant going against the grain and defying the rules we tend to abide by. I embrace non-conformity, and as far as I’m concerned rules are there to be broken – so long as you understand why they exist in the first place.

Still, it doesn’t make breaking them any easier, especially when you sense such an idea will piss a lot of people off; an idea that not only annoys those who have stuck with you for months and years, but increase the likelihood of new people leaving rather quickly.

I speak about email, and those emails you send to your list(s) each week/month. We’re taught to segment individuals into different areas – so you can target specific products and services to the right folk. As someone who writes both fiction and non-fiction, and works with clients on their brand storytelling, such segmented lists make sense.

After all, why would someone who read Tick to the Tock care about The Successful Mistake?

Except… why wouldn’t they? If someone likes my style and wishes to be part of my journey, why wouldn’t they want to learn about everything I do? They might not enjoy all the bits-and-pieces, but segmenting them into groups isolates them. It says, “You can be part of this, but you can’t be part of the rest.

This frustration is why the itch came to be, and I’ve been unable to scratch it since…



Around the same time this itch began torturing me, Seth Godin launched details about his latest book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn. As such, he appeared on several podcasts, so I listened to his inspiring ways and related my itch to Seth’s own journey.

Seth isn’t the type of marketer who segments people and pays much attention to metrics. He understands why you would. He realises he breaks a lot of rules. But he appreciates he does so for the right reasons. For Seth, it’s about providing as much value to his audience as possible, in the hope they buy into HIM.

It isn’t about a book. It isn’t about a single anything. It’s about HIM. It’s about his journey, and how he guides those who wish to be part of it, along it.

I realised this is what I want, too. I don’t want you to separate Turndog the novelist from Turndog the non-fiction writer. Or the speaker. Or the Brand Storyteller. Or the Podcaster. Or Blogger. These are mere tools and mediums to share my passion and purpose and meaning, not the end product in itself.

I don’t care whether you come across me via The Successful Mistake or I Unlove You or The Purple Coffee Podcast. The point is you come across me, intrigued by my style, and care to join this journey. Once you do it’s up to you to decide how deep you delve.

If you want to only read my novels, fine.

If you’re only interested in my blog posts, cool.

But it’s your choice. The moment I segment you into this list-and-that is the moment I snatch away your choice. I take you on a journey where you only see certain pieces of my puzzle, and this isn’t what I want. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have 200 awesome individuals who care to be part of the ENTIRE adventure, rather 500 people interested in The Successful Mistake, 250 in I Unlove You, 1,000 in my Brand Storytelling, and so-on-and-so-on…

Successful-Mistake-Blog-Advert B


Sending daily emails to you terrifies me. It isn’t only a potential hindrance to you (because let’s face it, you already get enough email as it is), but it requires constant conscious effort from myself.

If I do this I have to do it. I’ll forever have an excuse not to, but a commitment like this removes all excuses. The answer remains the same each day… I. Shall. Send. An. Email.

The only thing to consider is what said email is about, and where I’ll find the time to write it.

Such commitment scares me, but it also excites me, and I believe it’ll help me provide more value than ever before. Because I’m not sharing part of my journey with one, and other aspects with another. I’m sharing ME with everyone who wishes to be part of this.

BUT it’s important I don’t take advantage and overload your inbox with needless crap. More so than ever, you trust me with something truly important… Your Time! Not just some time, either, but a chunk of your day each and every day. This is a big deal, and it requires me to step up to the plate like never before.

Not some days. Not some times. All Times!

I cannot write super long emails. I cannot drown you with sales and calls to action. I need to ensure 99% of these emails offer you content and value and nothing but. This is what your Seth Godin’s of the world do, and it’s why he has an army of people excited to help when he launches a new book.

And if Seth decided to crowdfund a film next month, I’m certain he’d succeed in an instant. Because people don’t care about Seth’s books. They care about him. They buy into HIM.

I strive to have you buy into ME, but I must earn this trust. I believe a daily email can achieve this, and over the weeks and months I’ll edge closer and closer. But it’s a risk because if I don’t offer massive amounts of value and love, I become some dude who overloads your inbox with crap.

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I’ve no doubt plans will change over time, but I wish to give each day purpose. I want to ensure every single email offers value and insight for you to enjoy, in a manner that doesn’t overload or intimidate. So this is how we’ll do it:


We start the week with a sneak peek update into my latest fiction project (at the time of writing, I Unlove You). This isn’t some standard update, but one that provides genuine insight into the writing process. Early Drafts… Character Insights… Behind the Scenes into how I Write… and Where… and as we delve closer to launch day, lots of freebies and exclusive content for your fine self.

I strive to keep this email under 500 words (4 minutes), with a single link to today’s sneak peek content.



Each Tuesday I publish a new Blog Post on Turndog.co, and this email offers an advanced opportunity to read – should you wish to. But this email isn’t some regurgitation of the blog post, oh no. It offers a brief story as to why I wrote it, because let’s face it, you care about why I write the stuff I write, right…?

I strive to keep this email super-short and under 300 words (2 minutes), with a single link to the Blog Post.



Ever since I started blogging, I’ve sent a weekly Wednesday email that delves into my world. I have no plans to change this, so this is your chance to join me in my current struggles, worries, successes, and more. Basically, this focusses on whatever consumes my mind, offering a combination of tips, advice, questions, and general venting. Providing the good and the bad, it’s where you learn just how crazy I am.

This is the one long-form email of the week, usually coming in at 1,000 words (8-10 minutes).



Each Thursday I publish a new session of The Purple Coffee Podcast, which features an interview with an inspiring entrepreneur who has a few incredible stories to share. Having interviewed 160+ for The Successful Mistake, I discovered a true passion for interviewing folk and delving deep into their tale. This is where I get to share these with you.

I strive to keep this email super-short and under 300 words (2 minutes), with a single link to the Podcast Session



We end the week with a sneak peak insight into my latest Non-Fiction project (at the time of writing, The Successful Mistake). Again, this isn’t some standard update, but one that truly delves into the inner workings of the writing process. Packed with early drafts, exclusive content, and more goodiness than you know what to do with, there’s something for everyone.

I strive to keep this email under 500 words (4 minutes), with a single link to today’s sneak peek content.



Through Monday-to-Friday, each email slides into your inbox in the evening (around 5pm), but who has time for evening emails at the weekend? Not me, which is why Saturday’s edition heads your way in the morning, and is a short-and-sweet peek into someone else’s world. Whatever catches my eye (a blog post, podcast, brand story, business, author, book…) is what I share, offering a quick story into how I found it and why I love it.

I strive to keep this email super-short and under 150 words (1 minutes), with a single link.



We finish the week with a Sunday Morning Video Email – more than likely from a still sleepy Turndog. I strive to keep each video short (under 4 minutes), ranging from a short reading, a quote I love, or possibly a general rant about something on my mind. Above all, it’s a video of love and thanks, and one that encourages you to get involved and share your own thoughts.

I strive to keep this email super-short and under 150 words (1 minutes), with a single link to the video





Of course, this is the mere beginning along this journey of ups-and-downs. Over time we’ll see what does work and doesn’t. I’ll constantly ask you to share your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll adapt and iterate with the times. And seen as every single email comes from my own personal account, I encourage you to reply as often as you like.

Because if all I do is send emails to you, it’s a one-way message that’s no different to any other marketing message. But once you hit reply it transforms into a conversation, and I suppose this is the true point as to why I’m sending daily emails.

It means I potentially create new and fresh conversations with you each day.

As you read something that interests you, we get to chat about it.

As I come across problems in my own work, you’re there to help and guide.

Vice versa, too, because I wish to be there for you whenever you need me to.


So let the daily emails begin, and a risky experiment that may or may not work. I suspect I’ll receive many unsubscriptions from new and existing folk alike. I appreciate a fresh email each day will annoy many, and should you deem this too much, feel free to jump ship. I promise I hold no grudges.

But I hope you find these daily snippets both exciting and informative – not only into my own world, and this journey we take together, but life in general.

Here’s to us.


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