As a writer, entrepreneur, coffee shop meandering, general misfit nobody, the TOOLS I use and the RESOURCES that get me through the day are important. In this post I detail the products, books, courses, services, and people I love; and will update as time goes by…

This is a peek into the world of Turndog, and whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned pro, or a curious mind, I’m sure you’ll find a few gems. But before we begin, I must say that the majority of links are affiliate ones — meaning if you happen to trial or buy said product or service, I receive a commission in return. But don’t worry, it costs you no extra.


LAPTOP = I do the majority of my work on my trusty MACBOOK PRO, which isn’t only a great machine for writing and travel, but for more robust editing and design.

WRITING PROCESSOR = The best money I’ve ever spent to further my writing career is on SCRIVENER, my processor of choice. Tailored for every type of writer, this is an absolute vital-addition to your world.

RESEARCH / NOTE TAKING = When it comes to taking notes online, I exclusively use EVERNOTE. But I also love to take notes the old-fashioned way, using my trusted moleskins (I use this one for general notes, and this one as my daily journal). Finally, I also use BYWORD to make quick notes on the go.

EDITING = I use professional editing whenever possible, but when it comes to self-editing, there are a couple tools I use. One is HEMMINGWAY,  a super simple app; and another is AUDACITY, to record myself reading.

BOOK PRINTING = For POD (print on demand) I use CREATESPACE to both print and publish my books. For closer to home, I use fellow Yorkshire company, BOOK EMPIRE.

BOOK PUBLISHING = I do the majority of my publishing through the AMAZON KDP PROGRAM and CREATESPACE. Both are simple to join, and place your book in front of a global audience.


HOSTING = This website is hosted by SYNTHESIS, which is optimised for WordPress. I am also a fan of TSO HOSTING, and have used this for several sites (including The Successful Mistake). In terms of who I use for my Domains, I look no further than DOMAIN.COM.

WEBSITE THEME = This entire website is built using DIVI BY ELEGANT THEMES. I’m blown away with how simple, intuitive, and lovely this theme is. I’ve used several over the years, and this gets my vote by a country mile.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT = My main social media management system is HOOTSUITE, which covers just about all your social media needs. I tend to leave my social media management to my VA (who also uses Hootsuite), which makes life much easier for me.

VIDEO HOSTING = I create a lot of video, so I use WISTIA, as it allows me to go much deeper than simply using Youtube. It can be a little costly, but if you wish to make ‘video’ a large part of your business, it’s a must-have.

SEO = I use YOAST, which have numerous apps and plugins to save your SEO bacon — which is great for someone like me who hates SEO

EMAIL = All of my newsletters are sent via CONVERTKIT, an amazing and affordable email & marketing solution. For personal emails I use GOOGLE APPS, and link it with a truly amazing plugin: FOLLOWUP.CC (use code MA30TT14 for 30% off any annual/monthly plan). Another cool chrome extension worth checking out is Right Inbox, I use it for scheduling emails and for email reminders.’ 

ECOMMERCE = For selling books and products through this website, I use SHOPIFY — a simple and effective platform that makes venturing into the world of Ecommerce a breeze. By linking this to PAYPAL and STRIPE I have little else to worry about. I also use IDVAFFILIATES for my JV Partnerships, which again makes life super simple.

COURSES / PROGRAMS = I am a happy user of THINKIFIC, which is a great platform for building courses and membership sites. This is what I use for The Successful Mistake and The Successful Mindset, and I’m a happy customer indeed.


FINANCIAL STUFF = For my accounts, invoicing and bookkeeping, I use QUICKBOOKS: a WONDERFUL platform that’s rather incredible to be honest. You have to see it to believe it.

CRM SYSTEM = I use the wonderful CONTACTUALLY to organise my life, and to ensure I stay on top of new and old relationships alike. I LOVE this piece of kit. I value relationships a great deal, and this is what keeps me on the right path. I’m not sure how I used to manage without it, to be honest.

TIME MANAGEMENT = I work from my calendar, and this is how I stay on top each day. When I couple this with my trusted MOLESKIN, I remain a happy boy. When it comes to staying on top of meetings, interviews, and calls, I use CALENDLY — by far the best scheduling app I have ever used.

DESIGN & ARTWORK = I love designing my own book covers, t-shirts, and promotions, and everything I do is within the ADOBE CS6 SUITE (I primarily use Photoshop 90% of the time).

MUSIC = When it comes to music, I’m an avid listener, and I look no further than SPOTIFY.

HEALTH & WELLBEING =  Staying active and healthy is important to me, and use use several apps to track my progress. these are: MOVES (a step counter on steroids), SLEEP CYCLE (measures your sleeping patterns), MY FITNESS PAL (measures my calorie intake), and RESCUE TIME (tracks when and how I work). I also keep track of my habits using with COACH.ME, the best habit-tracking app I have used so far.


THOMAS JOHAN PHOTOGRAPHY = Many of the pictures on this website were taken by the very talented Thomas Johan. Much love for this man.

HANNAH CORDINGLEY PHOTOGRAPHY = The rest of the pictures taken on this site were shot by the equally talented Hannah, who I also have much love for

THE LIONS RAMPANT = I’ve known Stu-Mac for years, and when it came to choosing an intro song for The Purple Coffee Podcast, this classic tune was a no brainer. It literally takes me back to the summer of 2005

DARREN FLEMING = A local photographer and budding videographer I’m lucky to know.

EFFY AUTUNNO = My cousin, who just so happens to be a super skilled photo taker. She’s rarely in the country to come say hello to me, but I love her all the same.

AJ LEON = The king misfit himself, AJ and his crew of misfit inspire me no end. Lucky to know him, and excited about EVERYTHING he does.

JIM HOPKINSON = Jim is one cool guy, with an awesome podcast, a great style of writing, and a general winning attitude that is always great to see.

SRINIVAS RAO = One of the main men behind The Unmistakable Creative, Srini has crafted an incredible journey over the last few years. Such an inspiration, and what a set of guests he chats to on a weekly basis.

NATALIE SISSON = A true nomad, Natalie roams the lands helping entrepreneurs and business folk alike. Smart, witty, and pretty, Naltalie has it all (plus an awesome Kiwi accent).

MARIANNE CANTWELL = From a Kiwi to an Aussie, Mariane also nomads the globe, helping an array of business folk fulfil their dreams. Such a wonderful lass, with a great book to her name, too.

CHRIS BROGAN = One of my biggest influences when first starting out, Chris Brogan is ‘da man!. To not follow Chris would be crazy. So, be sure that you do – and you know, not be crazy and such.

JAMES ALTUCHER = one of the smartest writers I have ever come across. A unique style and outlook, and a guy who inspires thousands by simply being himself (a great self he is, too).

KAMAL RAVIKANT = One of the most inspiring writers I have ever come across. Great ideas and outlook, and a unique way to force you to lean forward and take note of your life.

SCOTT OLDFORD = A smart and practical marketer who has grown into a true leader. A pleasure to follow, and one of the most giving (and honest) people I’ve met.

RYAN HOLIDAY = Top writer. Great storyteller. He has a knack to turn something complex into a beautiful and simple blueprint. Can never get enough of this guy and his words 🙂

DORIE CLARK = Such a smart and kind person. Dorie knows everyone. Dorie knows a lot about a lot. A writer and marketer who keeps producing the goods.


This is my list of the TOOLS & RESOURCES I love and use, but I’m sure I’ll add to this post as time goes by. After all, barely a day passes without me finding a great new brand.

However, if you happen to know of something amazing that I have not listed, please let me know. I’d love to hear your own daily-day-loves, so don’t be shy and share your nuggets of wisdom with me 🙂

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