[Guest Post] Why This is The Worst Thing You Can Do After Making a Mistake




[Guest Post] Why This is The Worst Thing You Can Do After Making a Mistake

I recently published an article on Influencive.com where I focus on the worst thing that you can do after making mistake. I wanted to tell you about this post here, and if you like what you see, you may like to read the rest.

Anyways… this is how the post begins

As a human being, you and me share certain traits in common. We both need oxygen to breathe. We both have emotions that take control from time-to-time. We are both made up of bits and pieces that were first created in deep space.

We both enjoy Seinfeld (because who the heck doesn’t like Seinfeld).

And we both make mistakes…

This last one is a biggie. I’ve spent my recent past interviewing a lot of entrepreneurs about their biggest mistakes, and how they turned these into success. I’ve learned a lot about a lot, and one of the suspicions I had cemented into a belief is that we do indeed (all of us) make mistakes.

And lots of them.

Sure, we can avoid some of these mistakes, but many of them will happen regardless. It isn’t about trying to rid mistakes, failure, and adversity from your life, but rather learning how to overcome them. This is where the magic happens, and this is one of the traits that separate those super awesome and successful human beings from everyone else.

So how do these super awesome and successful human beings achieve this?

There are many ways, but one of the biggest things they do not do is…

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