[Guest Post] 6 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make During Your First Hire




[Guest Post] 6 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make During Your First Hire

I recently published an article on ThriveGlobal.com where I focus on six mistakes you want to avoid during your first hire. I wanted to tell you about this post here, and if you like what you see, you may like to read the rest.

Anyways… this is how the post begins

Validation… isn’t it something we all strive for?

In our personal life, we seek validation from those we love. We need a pick-me-up. We need a helping hand and a few kind words. We often — for whatever reason, I do not know — seek validation from others (friends and strangers alike).

We try to fit, stand out, and be unique, all in the name of validation.

This continues into our mind, as we search for self-validation on many occasions throughout the day.

And then comes professional validation, be it through praise from a higher-up, or through profits and growth as you take your own business from strength-to-strength.

In the world of entrepreneurship, validation is key.

You need it, not only to massage your ego, but to affirm that you’re on the right track. And at some stage, every single successful business reaches an all-important point of validation, and that is when they have to hire their first employee.

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