[Guest Post] How 4 ‘Wealthy’ Individuals Overcame Their Fear of Failure




[Guest Post] How 4 ‘Wealthy’ Individuals Overcame Their Fear of Failure

I recently published an article on ThriveGlobal.com where I focus on how four wealthy and successful people overcame their fear of failure. I wanted to tell you about this post here, and if you like what you see, you may like to read the rest.

Anyways… this is how the post begins

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” said Wayne Gretzky, one of the most successful Ice Hockey players of all time.

It’s easy to place successful people on a pedestal, and assume they have ‘something’ you don’t. They are lucky, or better, or given more opportunities at a young age. They have natural ability or a gift the majority of the population do not possess.

At times this is the case, and the truth is some people have greater odds than others. But something nobody gets excused from is “fear”.

We all have it. Every single person on this planet wakes up each day, in battle against fear.

You cannot avoid it, no matter how much money, fame, or authority you may have.

You will never escape it, but that isn’t to say you cannot overcome it.

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