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Happy Friday from a very wet England

With the weekend nearly upon us, it’s time to share the weeks best news. As always, The Turndog Tales showcases my favourite stories of the past week. Will they help you in your writing journey?

Let’s see, shall we?


Should You Self-Publish?

You know all about Self-Publishing, but is it right for you? Andrew Galasetti (via Duloit) offers 8 questions to mull over. Self-Publishing is great, but is it for everyone?

I’ve already made my mind up, but I went through these questions anyway. I suggest you do the same. It will at least add some clarity

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Stop Offering So Many Tips

We all love a good list. It’s usually a great way to get some Guest Posts, but have you ever thought about offering just one bit of advice?

Jeff Goins discusses this, and it gave me food for thought. I think this is easier to achieve when you’ve established a following, but these sort of posts certainly provide tremendous depth.

Take a look for yourself. I’m sure it will get your brain ticking away

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The Future Of The Ebook

I read two articles this week about the future of Ebooks, and found them both enthralling. This is something that will affect all authors moving forward.

Alexandra Alter talks about an Ebook reading you. It looks at Social Reading and how the whole premise could change how publishers target, market and communicate. Fascinating stuff (if you have some marketing blood in you).

Whereas the marvellous Porter Anderson looks at what the future holds for Ebooks. Will they disappear as we know it? It’s interesting what’s discussed, and includes aspects I hadn’t thought about.

Click Here for Porter

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Stupid Writer Feelings

These videos always make me laugh, but this one is priceless.

It’s fun and very true. Take a look and have a chuckle. It’s Friday after all, you deserve it

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How Organised Is Your Writing

Anyone who frequents this Blog will know I’m fairly structured. My writing is the same, but is yours?

C.S Larkin looks at winging it versus being prepared. Some writers are one, others are the other. It’s an interesting topic and there are a few nice tips offered, too

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Article

Actually, this does’t annoy me per se. I commend Simon & Schuster for doing this, but I fear it won’t work.

They are going to add QR Codes to their books. However, I feel they are too late, and more importantly, will do it wrong. A QR Code needs purpose. I sometimes see them on shampoo bottles and wonder what the hell they were thinking.

On the back of a book? Well, if it just stands there saying nothing, why would you click on it? I fear this is another bandwagon hop along and totally devalues what could have become a very valuable form of communication

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And so it ends. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your weekend. It is going to rain here in England, so feel sorry for me, please.

Before you go off to have some fun, take a look at some of my own posts. This week that includes:

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