Why My Voice Benefits My Author Marketing




Hey Writer! Yes..you…you have a voice that’s unique. Don’t just use it in your writing, use it in your Author Marketing, too.

I recently wrote a post about voice and how it differs across channels. Today I want to discuss how you can use this to the benefit of your Author Marketing.

How can you make your communications stand out?

How can your message be unique and interesting?

It’s really quite simply. Use your voice to differentiate from the the crowd.


How Your Voice Differs

The previous article looked at how voice differs across channels. For example, the voice I use in my Fiction is different to this Blog. How I speak in person is different to Twitter. It also changes from the people I know to those I just meet.

Is this bad?

In my opinion, no. It makes you human. Maybe some people have a universal voice. I know I don’t, and in my experiences, it seems rare.

So how can you use differing voices across your Author Marketing?

You first need to do some soul searching. Secondly, you need to start being conscious about what you do.


Voice & Author Marketing

I honestly believe your voice differs slightly across various mediums. You’re probably a little different on Twitter than you are on your own Blog. And again on Linkedin…and Pinterest…and whatever else you do.

You probably don’t even notice it. This is the problem.

If you want to take advantage of your voice, and use it in your Author Marketing, you must first understand it. Read what you have written across various platforms and look at it with new eyes. This isn’t easy to do, but try and be unbiased about things.

  • Read a Blog Post
  • Read about how you talk about it on Twitter
  • What do your Book Reviews look like
  • When you discuss something on a forum, what language do you use
  • Does Twitter and Linkedin differ?

It might be the words you use, how you construct sentences, the slang or your mannerisms. Then consider how this compares to real life. In my previous post, I wrote and spoke about it.

The end result was crazy different. Despite it being about the same thing. Done in the same hour. Done from the same mind. The results were far from the same.

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Give your Voices Purpose

When you start to understand where things differ – and by all means get outside help like a partner or best friend – you can use it to your advantage.

If you use Twitter, why? What do you hope to achieve from it. What sort of person are you trying to attract?

The same applies for you Blog and your Fiction and Facebook. What purpose does each channel serve?

In How To Build An Author House, I talk about Everything Needing A Purpose. If something is part of your Author Marketing, it needs purpose. If it doesn’t, it simply wastes precious time.


How Do You Use Your Voice?

You are unique and your voices are, too. You will likely spend a lifetime discovering your best voice(s), but whatever you use NOW, use it to your advantage.

These changes won’t be big, in some cases they’ll be ever so slight. But they’re there, and if you use them correctly, they can make all the difference.

The way I speak to Writers is different to Entrepreneuers

My language on Linkedin differs to Facebook

My sentence structure here is different to Twitter

And all of this differs to how I act in the real world.

I’m always ME, but things slightly differ. I realised this was happening regardless, so the least I could do was try and use to my advantage.

How does your voice differ?

Does your Author Marketing see several ‘you’s’?

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