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It’s tough being a first time author. You’ve just finished your book and the hard work continues. If you want to sell more than a dozen copies, you need to spread the word.

There are many things you can do, and one of the most cost effective ways of doing it is by Guest Blogging. A Guest Blog Post can introduce your book to a whole new world. Does this solve all your problems? Hell no!

It can help though, and this is how…


Guest Blogging Relationships

Writing a Guest Blog can bring many benefits:

  • Traffic
  • Downloads/Sales
  • SEO
  • New Readers
  • Brand Awareness

All of these are great, but I’ve left one important aspect that Guest Blogging brings. That is Relationships.

This is the number one reason I Guest Blog, and this will continue to be the case in the lead up to my first Book Launch.

Sure…the traffic is great

Sure…the downloads and sales it brings are good

Sure…the SEO benefits are stellar

All important, but merely a bonus to the relationships.


Patience Is A Virtue

I’m not a patient person, but I am Strategic. As such, I’m always looking at the bigger picture. As a first time author, your first book isn’t the most important you will write. Speak to anyone who’s been doing this for a while and they will tell you to start book two as soon as you release book one.

And then write book 3

And then write book 4

This is the reality of a writer. We are placed on this world to write. Marketing is done in and around this. This is why the relationships of Guest Blogging is big. It gives your entire career legs.


What’s Love Got To Do With A Guest Blog?

When you a write a Guest Blog Post, you should link to your new book. After all, you’re launching your first book so don’t waste the opportunity of gathering some sales.

This is a short term gain, though. It makes you feel all fuzzy inside, but it’s the relationships you build NOW that keep you in the game tomorrow.

The Blogger…that’s a friend in waiting

Their Readers…these are followers of the future

Like most things in life, it’s all about balance. You need to find that line between the benefits of the NOW and the benefits of the future. When you’re launching your first book, it’s easy to get lost in TODAY.

Fight this feeling. Get your big picture thinking hat on.


The Secret Sauce Of Guest Blogging

When you create a Guest Blog Post, you have two people to consider:

  • The Blogger
  • The Reader

The Internet is full of tips on creating great headlines and the perfect Guest Blog Layout. What they don’t always talk about is the relationships that can blossom.

So how do you do this? It’s quite simple really…think big!

Consider how you can immerse the reader and tempt them into your world. Don’t only offer them great tips about Twitter for Authors, but give them reason to connect with you:

  • Create a promotion
  • Reply to all comments
  • Create a special mailing list
  • Give everyone who comments a free copy of your new book
There are numerous things you can do, but so few people do anything. They write a Guest Blog Post, provide a link to their book, and move on. Short term gain, but nothing for tomorrow.
And then there’s the Blogger, too. Use your Guest Blog Post as a means to improve your relationship with them. Email them often, offer a Guest Blog Post in return, give them a free book, or do whatever you feel might strengthen that all important relationship.
This isn’t rocket science, it simply involves your brain to thinking past TODAY.

Take It To New Levels

Guest Blogging is great, but it can become so much more. It all comes down to engagement. When you create a Guest Blog Post, are you merely doing it to drive traffic, or would you like to form a new ally?

For me, I’d much rather create a new friendship. These people will teach me things, introduce me to new people, and be there in the future. And yes, that includes Book 2, 3 & 4.

It also makes you much more human. After all, don’t we all desire a few more friends and allies?

Guest Blogging is great, but do you make the most of it?

Share your own tale below…tell us about the relationships you’ve built from being a Guest on another site.

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