5 Top TED Talks From 5 Amazing Writers


Have you ever spent a night searching TED Talks?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Whatever you hope to find, there will no doubt be a talk or two. Best of all, it will usually be from a very inspiring individual (only the best get to TED).

Today I want to share 5 TED Talks from 5 Amazing Writers. The topics are varied, but I feel they’re all relevant to pen scratchers. Let me introduce a few people…

Elif Shafak

Elif talks about politics and writing, and how growing up took down particular writing paths.

Prejudice, stereotypes, society…they all played a part in her writing. I find this fascinating, and I think it affects all writers. We all delve deep within and allow our lives to dictate what we put on the page.


Amy Tan

Amy delves into how and why create what we create. It can be easy to forget that when we write fiction, we’re creating something from nothing. This is incredible. We allow our minds to wander and create and imagine the unimaginable.

Isn’t this amazing?

This talk looks at the inner working of the brain and how it can have effect how we create, what we create, and everything in between.


Chip Kidd

Book covers are a vital part of a writer’s world. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Yeah, right, keep telling yourself that. We all do it. Yes…that means you, too.

First impressions matter and Chip Kidd provides a very funny and informative talk into his process. Such a cool talk!


Steven Johnson

The Eureka moment of your new book idea…or is it?

This is what Steven Johnson asks. Do ideas manifest in an instant, or is it a more compelling journey? Do you need to be around people? On your own? In total isolation or somewhere inspirational?

A rather fascinating talk and well worth your time.


Susan Cain

Writers are renowned for being introvert. In general, the world praises the extrovert, and ultimately tries to bring the introvert out of his or her shell. Susan Cain discusses why Introverts should be happy just as they are

The world needs diversity and those who prefer quiet time are A-Okay. A charming talk that brings up some fine points.


And there you go kids. 5 TED Talks from 5 Amazing Writers!

I hope you enjoy these little chats from people well in the ‘know’. To watch all 5 videos would take over an hour, but if you do have an hour to spare, it’s well worth spending on here.

Better yet, head over to the TED website and search until your heart’s content. It’s a great place to waste away some time (aka, learn a huge amount)


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