I’m Sorry Mr Konrath, But No!





It seems the fake review saga isn’t going to die any time soon.

If you’re unaware, this issue surrounds certain authors paying and soliciting for reviews, ultimately ramping up the authority of their book and increasing their sales.

This has sent Amazon scurrying to improve a clearly flawed system, which in my opinion is 100% necessary. I love Amazon (as most self-published authors do), but they can never rest on their laurels.

Not everyone seems to agree, though. 


The View Of Joe Konrath

Last week I read a post by Joe Konrath discussing the new measures Amazon have taken. I fully suggest taking a look (it’s an interesting read in its own right) and forming your own opinion. The whole article irritated me.

First of all, I have huge respect for Joe Konrath. He’s an indie author success story and a super resource for any writer wishing to craft their own journey. However, I find it staggering how he continues to stick up for those who have abused the system.

I completely understand the frustrations. Amazon seems to have deleted many genuine reviews, and as such, hurt many many authors. An issue has arisen on the back of an issue, and Amazon needs to get this right, too.

They are doing something about it, though, and for this they should be applauded.


The New Issue At Hand

To be fair to Joe he doesn’t condemn Amazon, in fact he understands why they have done it. The point that riled me up is his ‘goodie goodie’ outlook toward those writers who ‘cried to teacher’

I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous.

Let’s forget about fake reviews for a moment and compare it to the recent drug scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong and cycling. As it turns out the entire drug screening process has been flawed for many years, allowing dishonest folk like Armstrong to take advantage.

Are the people who unearthed this petty and ‘goodie goodie’? I think not! Those who abuse the system need to be punished, and the process in question needs to be fixed, which yes, results in others, many of whom are innocent, going through a long, drawn out procedure.

We could also compare this to terrorism and airport security, or the banking crisis of 2008. The people at blame were the minority; people who found a flaw in the system and took advantage. This resulted in anguish for many innocent folk.

However, what would happen if WADA didn’t improve their standards, or airports didn’t do a better job with their security, or the IMF didn’t bring in new stipulations that ALL banks have to follow?

I’ll tell you what would happen, people would continue to cheat!


It isn’t Over

I’m not for one second suggesting that Amazon has it all figured out. They have angered many authors and have a duty to right this wrong. 

They have a responsibility to readers, though, and indeed writers and the publishing world, too. This means changing the current process so the people cheating can’t continue to do so. I’m not sure why, but Joe Konrath seems to be sticking up for the thief and tarring the police.

The people at fault are those who took part, not Amazon or the authors who cried foul.

As I say, I have huge respect for Joe Konrath. He’s at the top of his game and an inspiration to thousands. His outlook is strange, though, and the more he sticks up for those who have done wrong, the more people will continue to question why he is doing so.

I’m sorry Mr Konrath, but NO!  

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million

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