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Do you have any idea how many books there are out there? Yeah, me neither, but I do know that the number is growing daily.

Yes, there’s A LOT, and I’ve gone and made things worse by adding another one to this ever growing pile.

Other than the fact that I’m a thoughtless, selfish man, I have tried to do things differently to most. I didn’t merely upload my book to Amazon, Tweet a thousand times an hour, and expect you to buy. Of course, I hope you will buy Beyond Parallel (hint hint), but I wanted to give something in return.

Hence I developed the Beyond Parallel Launch Package: a set of goodies that those who purchase in the first three days receive. Some may consider this bribery, but I see it as a way to give before I take. It’s not about the money, because let’s face it, $2.99 is neither here nor there. It’s about taking a chance.


How A Package Can Help

Those who follow this Blog will know where I stand on relationships. I love them. I want to build them with YOU, not merely see you come here and not care. I love to email people, speak to them on Twitter, and generally converse.

In my opinion you should always give more than you take. My writing itself is a way of giving, but I want to go further. I want to offer people something that isn’t expected, especially those in the beginning who take a chance before anyone else does.

That’s why I created The Beyond Parallel Launch Package. It includes:

  • A Free Audiobook (read by me)
  • A Special Mention in Future Editions
  • Access to an Exclusive Twitter Chat
  • A Free Litograph Wallaper

You Can Do This Too

What I’ve done is nothing special. I took a lot of inspiration from Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins, but I’m sure these two gents took ideas from other people. It might not be new, but I see few writers doing it; especially Fiction Writers.

My question is: why?

The above items I offer cost no money, merely time and effort. The Audibook is only available this way. I won’t sell it. It’s read by me with loads of rough stammering. It’s homey and raw, and something I want to share with select people.

The Litograph, too, will never be sold. I love these guys, and will work with them in the future, but this wallpaper is only available until the end of today. After that it’s gone. I considered what my readers might appreciate, and have developed some goodies they can enjoy alongside the book.

How You Can Create A Launch Package

Has this package sent me to the top of the Amazon charts? Nope

Have thousands of people taken up the offer? Nope

Have I loved doing it, though? Yep, 100%

The Launch Package you create doesn’t have to play by any rules. It can involve tangible objects, hand written notes, virtual goodies, and things with great or little monetary value. I urge you to think about your readers (Hell, why not ask them what they would like?) and offer something that will make them smile.

This might be a $20 Amazon voucher, but most of the time a more personal touch will work.

This is your chance to do something that many writers don’t. It’s way to start a relationship with readers and take them on a journey to remember. It’s not about one book, but all the books you will write. It’s about creating emotional connections and giving a little more than you take 🙂


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…

Have you created a Launch Package yourself?

The Beyond Parallel Launch Package ends at midnight tonight (GMT time: 10th January), so I urge you to take a look and consider purchasing a copy of Beyond Parallel. However, more than that, I hope you’ll be a writer who does something different, thinks outside of the box, and offers their readers a launch day to remember.

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