The Turndog Tales: 20/01/2013 – 25/01/2013





Friday is with us once more, which means it’s time for some Turndog Tales. I’ve added my fave stories of the week, so sit back, relax, and soothe your brain 🙂


Structure Thy Story

This post by J.E Fishman looks at the vital aspect of story structure, which let’s face it, is always on the mind of a writer. 

You want your story to spring surprises and flow and excite the reader, but certain rules need to be followed and abided by. This post offers a few great tips and I think they may help settle some worry. Certainly worth a read.

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Voice Is The Virtue 

I came across two posts this week that focus on voice, which is a subject that’s always on my mind. Dan Blank and Kristen Lamb both tune in with some wonderful insights, one talking about the need to stand out, the other focussing on the God-like element it holds.

Voice is the holy grail for a writer. Once you discover your own everything becomes so much easier. These two posts may help you find yours quicker.

Dan’s Post

Kristen’s Post


Podcasts Baby

I’ve never been able to figure out my feelings toward podcasts. Part of me loves the idea, but I’ve never been able to fully commit. There are some great writer-related shows out there, though, and Mars Dorian has come up with a cool list.

If you’re thinking about following a few on a regular basis, this post may help. I’m going to try and become a regular listener to at least one Podcast this year. We’ll see how it goes.

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Act And You Will BE

I started to act like a writer when I began following Jeff Goins. This post by Carleen Brice follows a similar mantra where if you act like a writer, you will become a writer.

So much of life comes down to confidence and having the right mindset, and when I started acting like one, my whole writing world became easier – albeit not easy. This is a very provoking post.

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What’s Your Writing Personality

We’ve all taken those personality tests for school or work, but I’ve never linked it to my writing. Karen Schravemade has, and boy what a post she has created from it.

This is seriously a good way to spend five minutes, and it made me look at my writing in a new light. I 100% suggest you read this post and see what sort of personality you fit into. It may help settle some wandering thoughts.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

For the first week ever, no post rattled my bones this week. Am I becoming figuring and nice in my old age? Hmmm, I’m not sure…


And that’s a wrap for yet another week. I hope your weekend is amazing, but before you go and enjoy it, please take a look at one post of mine from this week. It’s part of the Indies Forward Campaign, and follows the journey of Julie Forward DeMay. I hope you will check it out.

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