50 Brands With Amazing Brand Stories: 20-11




Welcome back to the countdown of 50 Brands With Amazing Brand Stories. I’ve shared some of my favourite brand stories so far, but now it gets down to the nitty-gritty as we delve into the top 20.

Today we continue the countdown by looking at 20-11, but should you wish to see the other editions…  50 – 41  l  40 – 31  l  30 – 21  l  20 – 11  l  10 – 1


20: Aston Martin

Aston Martin-Logo1I’m not much of a car-guy but I’ve always desired an Aston Martin. There’s something about the brand (most likely because of James Bond) that draws me in. It just so happens the story is cool as heck, which helps on this particular occasion.

It’s a classy, professional approach that showcases who they are, what they’re about, and why you spend years dreaming about owning one. It’s a great example of capturing the heart and producing a desirable NEED, when all you should feel is a want.

What I love above everything else is the simplicity of it all. The slideshow is nothing special, and it takes up no space at all, but a truly remarkable tale is told.

Little text, old, classy images, and a style that’s very ‘Aston’. This strips down the brand and offers only what you need. Get ready to drool a little and want/need one.

The Story



19:  Clif Bar

clif-bar-2-bar-fan-cpb-choc-chip-030513So much is achieved on this one page that it makes me do a double take and analyse how they’ve done it.

It’s very simple, extremely playful, and offers much reward with little output. Seriously, look for yourself and consider how they’ve managed it.

You learn who Clif Bar are, where they’ve come from, what makes them, them, and how they intend on taking over the world with a variety of medias. Usually this takes a complex page, but not on this occasion.

A good story creates impact with little effort. This is a fine example of exactly that.

It’s beautifully branded and excellently executed. This is a story fit for a budget, so if you want to leave an impact but with no fancy effects, look no further than Clif Bar.

This is sure to inspire those searching for an affordable means to Discover, Create & Share.

The Story 



18: Smile Squared

smile-squaredWhen I came across Smile Squared I was left in awe. I don’t think the story is set out in an amazing manner, but the story itself more than makes up for it.

The videothe imagesthe concept… it pulls you in and makes you FEEL something.

Teeth are a part of life many of us take for granted, but around the world there are young children who don’t have access to the right tools. It’s easy to forget this. I certainly did.

I may ramble on about evoking emotions, but it’s so important in storytelling. Execution can often be overlooked so long as you discover and share the story in a unique and meaningful way.

Not every story has a great foundation like Smile Squared, but most have something to work with. They found the bare emotions of their story and the results are superb. Can you do the same?

The Story



17: Kletterwerks

KletterwerksRockPackBlack_L4This is one of the best timelines I’ve ever come across.

It’s clean, to-the-point, and mixes text and images effectively – all the while maintaining a nice easy flowing feel.

This might seem easy to achieve, but it isn’t

What I enjoy the most is how they began at the beginning, which may sound redundant, but many people start at the present – when stats and figures are usually more impressive.

The beginning is raw and when instability is rife. People shy away from sharing this, but they shouldn’t. Kletterwerks haven’t and the result is fantastic.

Timelines force you to be sparing with your words and images, which leaves little room for rambling on and on and on… This is usually a good thing.

Simple, but effective.

The Story



16: Fair Share Music

Layout 1 (Page 9)As a a music fan I was excited to come across Fair Share Music, for not only do they provide a cool service, they offer a super sweet story.

There’s quite a bit of information, and although there’s a little too much text for my liking, the way it’s set out is very user friendly.

It demonstrates how you can bring a lot of ideas together in a nice, neat package. There’s still a great deal to come from this business, but I’m excited so far

Some stories have a lot to share, and often this is unavoidable. If you have something great to offer, make sure you offer it.

You don’t have to have page after page of text though, and Fairshare Music show how to achieve this. I love the boxes and layout and how it makes the journey digestible.

Execution at its finest.

The Story


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15: Mars Dorian

downloadMars Dorian is a funky little dude, and not only does he have a great blog offering lots of content, he shares his story in a manner only he can.

In some ways his story is like many bloggers/consultants/freelancers, but Mars takes his skill-set and produces a unique tale. This is what storytelling is all about. It’s about producing something only you can and reaching the people who care

Some will HATE Mars’ style, but this is fine. Those who like him, LOVE him

In my opinion there’s no better way for him to showcase his designs than what he does right here

It’s chaotic and messy and lovely all the same. I suppose the lesson to take from this example is be your self and love what you do.

The Story



14: Innocent

Innocent-smoothies-002Innocent is fast becoming one of the UK’s strongest brands, and it’s their story that’s helped them go from small-town hero to national assassin.

I’d like a little more image/video as part of their tale, but they capture who they are perfectly. It’s simple, effective, and aligns with everything else they do

The tale of Richard Reed is like many entrepreneurial stories – rife with ups and downs galore.

I was actually expecting more focus on Richard, and I’m a little disappointed that he doesn’t play a larger role. Instead it’s the brand that takes centre stage, which is fine, but the founder on this occasion could be more prominent. Still, it’s uniquely quirky and totally innocent. Also, it’s another example of fine simplicity.

The Story



13: Two Degrees Food

186611716_640This is another stellar example of achieving a great deal with very little input.

The video says everything to be honest, but they back it up with great information. Often a story is graded on how it affects us, and I dare say this will affect quite a few people. To be honest, I don’t know how it can’t

The world is full of companies doing the ‘right thing’ these days, or at least full of people with good intentions and saying the right words.

This video demonstrates a brand doing as well as talking, and it’s great to see them walk-the-walk – which is a big theme within the video, too.

As you know by now I’m a big fan of visuals – especially via video. It needs to have a big impact though, and this example does.

Again, it’s rather simple but has an immense impact regardless. Top stuff!

The Story



12: Go Pro

gopro-hero3There are a few stories on this list that have made it through their video alone. This is one of them.

GoPro is an exciting brand so it shouldn’t be surprising that their video is unapologetically extreme.

It begins rather personal and offers a great insight into the people and brand, but then it transitions into an epic ride that showcases what they’re all about. This is a great way to approach a video in my opinion.

It’s seven minutes long and tells the whole tale.

You get the backstory and core emotions, but it’s backed up with how the product works and why people love it so much.

This defines their culture and story. It defines their brand and who they are. You need nothing more than the video because it says everything it needs to.

The Story



11: Minnetonka Moccasin

95314_tsThis is another amazing video, only this time it’s teamed with a great timeline that seamlessly takes you on a memorable journey.

I love storytelling as much as I do because it takes a relatively small seed and sparks it to life. I could buy shoes from a local store or anywhere online, but I want to shop here and become part of their story because it moves me

It’s evocative and personal. It creates a desire within me that most brands don’t.

By combining behind-the-scene insight with real world examples, you have an inviting story that people feel part of.

We all need shoes and there are many options out there, but this is the kind of brand that develops a cult status through it’s style and culture. This isn’t achieved overnight and without care, though.

I takes a lot of work and a fine tale.

The Story

There we go folks, we’re now ready to enter the TOP 10 (drum roll please). I hope you’ll join me next week for the final countdown, and if you’ve yet to do so, make sure you check out the other editions in this series of awesome brand stories:  50 – 41  l  40 – 31  l  30 – 21  l  20 – 11  l  10 – 1

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