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Tomorrow morning (Monday 18th) Beyond Parallel will be FREE for 5 Days!

Not one for simply offering something for free, I decided to team it with a campaign I’ve been considering for a while now – I’m a New Adult Man and I’m damn proud of it!

The New Adult Man Campaign is simple: I feel the New Adult world is getting a rough ride at the moment with most assumptions drawn toward ‘Steamy Young Adult’ & ‘Erotica for Kids’. I wrote about this last week, but in my opinion NA can become a massive genre offering genuine need to a large and growing demographic.

At the moment the sphere is full of very talented women (Colleen Hoover, Tammara Webber, Gail McHugh, etc…), and although romance plays a large role, there’s much more to it: the fear of being a young-twenty-something, new careers, school, identity, commitment, travel, and all the other strife that young people face.

As soon as you mention the word romance you put off a great deal of men, which is a shame because guys can enjoy books like Hopeless and Easy just as much as girls – meaning New Adult isn’t reaching as many people as it could…nay, SHOULD!


A New Adult Man Campaign

Until Friday 22nd March Beyond Parallel will be FREE. No catch… it’s yours to download, read and enjoy – and although I hope you’ll help spread the word and leave a review, the main point of this week is to showcase how MEN CAN WRITE NEW ADULT!

I’ve contacted Press, Reviewers, Writers & Readers, and I hope we can introduce a few new people to this wonderful genre, not only to make them aware, but to help them see a version that the press isn’t showing.

I’ve read many stories about writers being rejected for years because they straddled the Young Adult and Adult market. In essence they were writing New Adult before New Adult was born, and as any writer will tell you, once you have an idea it’s hard to walk away from it.

This genre is perfect for some – many more than currently know it.



How You Can Help Spread The Word

Below I’ve added a few links, Tweets & events that you can join and share – in doing so you’re super awesome!

There are also links to a few key articles and websites that better explain New Adult, what it is, and which writers are part of it. If you have a wandering mind, are still coming to grips with finding your true path, or simply like fast flowing reads that are REAL, I suggest you delve into the New Adult world.



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Key Links

What is New Adult?

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If you have any links, groups, or info to add to the conversation, please do so in the comments below.

Alternatively email me at matt@turndog.co as I would love to hear your thoughts.

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