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What the bloody hell is the Great Author Order?!?!

Don’t worry, it isn’t some Illuminatti type organisation where I’m gathering authors to take over the world and require everyone to read Walden, it’s merely my way of sharing writers doing things I love: namely, interact with their readers and go above and beyond.

Although I have some nostalgic respect for the recluse writer of yesteryear, it’s dead in the water these days. We live in a social world where we desire to learn about about that which we love. Reading is a huge part of this, and when a writer not only writes but shares Blog Posts, Tweets, Videos, and simply asks and encourages their readers to be part of the journey, well, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

This on going series will look at one genre after another and pick a handful of Great Authors worthy of being part of The Great Author Order – who knows, one day I may create a certificate, but for now the feel-good factor will have to suffice.

As this is the week of the New Adult Man Campaign, I thought it best to begin with New Adult Writers. Here are five women to admire…


Tammara Webber

The author of Easy, Tamarra is a rather savvy little engager. The place she seems to do the most good is on Facebook, and with nearly 8,500 followers at the time of writing, she sure has a firm foundation to work with.

She doesn’t only share her own writing, but is a great communicator of images, infographics, and  general chit-chat from the world she admires. As a follower of this page you get to see the ins and outs of Tamarra’s world. I think this is important, because although the fans come because of Easy, they stay for all the other info they’re privy to.

A great place for both readers and writers – the latter an opportunity to learn from a master.


Colleen Hoover

Author of one of my favourite books of 2013 so far – Hopeless – Colleen’s website is one of the finest examples a writer could follow. It’s true, Colleen has an army of followers that makes it easy to garner success, but I sense it doesn’t matter how many or how few she has, she would treat them all the same.

Colleen updates her Blog regularly, documenting her journey as a reader, writer, and overall human being. You get a sense she really cares about her readers and is always looking for new ways to make them happy. She’s about to release two new novels, this time looking at the POV of the males in Hopeless and Slammed.

I love this and it takes listening to your readers to understand there’s a market for it. Every post is jammed with comments and interactions and Colleen often replies and joins the conversation. She’s a busy girl and she’d be forgiven for letting up some slack, but she doesn’t and isn’t showing any signs off doing so.


Abbi Gilnes

Like Tammara, Abbi’s main hub of interaction comes on Facebook and boy does she fill her wall with plenty.

Not only does she share her own writing, pictures, and general happenings, she shares information about other books and aspects of life she loves. Over 20,000 people have liked her page and she keeps in touch with them to great affect.

This is a great hub and writers should take note. Lots to learn from Abbi, and her readers must love how she engages with them


Michelle Leighton

Split between her Blog and Facebook, Michelle does a great job at involving her readers in her life. What I really love about her site is how each book has a playlist that you can listen to.This might not seem like much, but what a great insight into the mind of the writer.

Music plays a huge role in our inspiration and by seeing what she is and isn’t listening offers a view into a world you might otherwise not see. Couple this with plenty of posts and updates (not just about her, but author friends) and you get to know Michelle rather well.

The conversation carries over to Facebook with nearly 10,000 followers interacting on a regular basis. Lots of questions, links and images to keep people occupied. Again, a fine example of what can be achieved if you care to share.


Jessica Park

Another author who connects with readers in fine style. Between her Website, Facebook and Twitter, Jessica keeps her readers in the loop – not just about her writing, but journey as a whole.

Again, like Michelle, Jessica shares a playlist with her readers showing what she’s currently listening to. A small piece of the puzzle maybe, but boy do I love this – and may just steal 🙂

Although her numbers are the most modest of all the authors appearing here, her style and the manner in which she engages is great. Jessica has a very contemporary style that works extremely well. I suggest you have a search around her world and see what you can steal…cough cough… learn 🙂


There you go, the first edition of the Great Author Order over and done with.

Whether a self-published or traditionally published author, it doesn’t matter to me. What I love to see is writers engage with readers, ask them questions, and share their journey in a unique and savvy way. These five ladies do that and I have to tip my hat to them. Good job, ladies, good job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, but if you have some New Adult writers to add, please do in the comments below. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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