Why Choosing The Right Colour Can Make £&$




When I speak to young entrepreneurs, I ask them to tell me the story behind their brand. As someone who creates Brand Stories, I don’t expect an in depth answer. If they give me one, my services aren’t needed.

What I do like to hear is a brief encounter. A slight tale of how their Brand came about.

Why did they choose that name?

How did they settle on that logo?

What does each colour mean?

More often than not, I’m uninspired. It’s a shame, but the story is usually…stale.

They’ll give me a tale about the name and logo, but I want more. Strategic Marketing needs that purpose behind the Brand


What Is Strategic Marketing

If you’ve read my Free Ebook, you’ll know my thoughts already. Strategic Marketing is the coming together of Creative Thinking & Strategic Thinking. This is how to stand out in the 21st Century.

Creative Thinking is never stronger than in Brand Identity. Today, I’d like to focus on colour. An element I feel holds HUGE POTENTIAL.

I came across this Inforgraphic recently:



I found it interesting, although there are numerous resources that focus on this.You might think my advice is to read this infographic and choose the colours that best describe your wants/needs.

Nope…this isn’t Strategic Marketing. I want more.


Find Colours That Matter

First you need to be Creative

Then get Strategic

Ask yourself what your Brand is about. What part of you is in it? What will help it stand out and extend your message each and ever day?

When you’ve done this, be Strategic. Use the infographic above (or any book that looks at this) and come up with a story that works. How can you combine the true essence of YOU, with something that works?

If we look at my colours, I use Black, White, Grey & Purple.

  • Purple portrays success & wisdom
  • White portrays purity and space
  • Black portrays death 🙁
  • Grey portrays sophistication

Other than Black being evil, this is something I can get on board with. I had my own reasons for these colours, though:

  • Black & White: are minimalistic, travel across many channels, and are bold
  • Grey: adds a new dimension to an otherwise bland area
  • Purple: is my personality. It’s my favourite colour and expresses who I am


What Colours Add $&£?

The best colours you can use are the ones that work for you?

This might be an annoying answer, but this is Strategic Marketing.

Yes you should analyse each colour and see what aligns with you

Yes you should consider your customer and what will align with them

It’s what you do next that really matters. It’s how you take those colours and create a story out of them. How can you turn the colour red into something so much more. Think of Virgin and how Red is more than a particular hue. It embodies their entire world.

When someone asks me why I use Purple, I have a definitive answer. I love using it and I love what it represents. Don’t choose a colour because it looks good. Go deeper. This is what Strategic Marketing is. It’s about being creative strategic.

It’s about adding depth to your story.

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Colour Matters

I speak to great young minds. These are people I respect, but it annoys me when they don’t have a story behind things like colour.

It’s an opportunity to extend your story and make your Brand special. Colour matters. Colour, if you choose, can play a huge part in your story.


*Coca Cola

*Manchester United

Is it just RED to them?


What is your colour?

What does it say about you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear your views

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