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Welcome to another enthralling edition of The Turndog Tales. I’ve been searching my Twitter feed for the week’s best stories, and I think I’ve come up with some keepers šŸ™‚

So settle in for a relaxing and informative few minutes. Enjoy…


What’s Your Excuse?

We all have our good days and bad days. The good days are great. We write and write and write. The bad days, though, well, we replace the writing with excuses. K.M Weiland offers 10 excuses and how we can overcome them.

Have a read and see which ones you make. A very helpful article indeed.

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Kill Themā€¦Kill them All

Okay, maybe not all of them. But Kristen Lamb brings up a great point. We get too attached to our characters, but sometimes you need to kill them, or hurt them, or make people hate them.

Be ruthless, not precious. I loved this article and I think you might, too

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Be Committed

Are you merely interested, or are you committed? This is what Logan Marshall asks. He has written a very exciting and thought provoking article, and I’d be crazy not to share it with you.

What’s holding you back? Why aren’t you fully committed? These are questions we should all honestly ask ourselves.

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Knocking Down The Self-Published Wall

The dreaded stigma of how people see self-publishing. If you can’t get a publisher you must be a bad writer. I assume those reading this Blog don’t look at it that way, but so many people do. It is getting better, though

Timothy Geigner talks about this stigma and how certain trends are changing. A very interesting read.

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Take Your Time And Enjoy The Ride

An interesting interview between Joanna Penn and Lindsay Buroker. The topicā€¦writing, marketing, and how a writing career can take some time to mature. It’s an interesting read for someone still in their infancy.

It reassures and has you asking questions. Certainly worth a read and listen.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

My recent rants have surrounded paying for reviews and such. This post by David Vinjamuri talks about ‘sock pockets’ and how this current issue could rumble on and on.

The sad case is that this could have an affect on reviews in general, which would be a travesty because reviews are a amazing source for both the reader and writer. Take a read and see whether you agree or not

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And that’s another week at an end. Have an amazing weekend and make sure you come and say hello again soon. Please leave any comments you have below, and before you go, why not take a look at some of my own posts from this week.

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