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In recent months I’ve spoken a few times about how marketing needs to evolve. I’ve written a guest post on Firepole Marketing, a post on this very site, and I even touched on it in my Free Ebook, What Is Strategic Marketing.

But can people really change?

Will marketing actually move forward?

I not only believe they can, but think we already have. In the next few hundred words I’ll explain how and why I think this. Will you agree? Well, that’s what the comments section is for, isn’t it 🙂


It’s Time To Evolve, Peeps

Everyday I get older, but I still remember my childhood quite well. I recall walks to school as I held my mother’s hand. I’m able to reminisce about running through leaves and chasing pidgeons. I know, I was a cool ass kid!

Would you like to know something I remember a lot of? Litter (or for the American reader, trash).

It was everywhere. It was a regular sight, seeing crisp packets and pop cans flung to one side. If you saw someone drop litter, it was bad, but hardly the end of the world. Skip forward fifteen years and the world is very different.

A few days ago I took a thirty minute walk, and I suddenly noticed the lack of litter.

Fifteen years ago I would need all my fingers, toes, and a few of my classmates to count all the litter tossed to the ground. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it all fit onto one hand. Litter is no longer an issue. 


When Did This Evolution Take Place

I often talk about the difference between evolution and change. This is the biggest difference in my opinion:

You notice change…it sticks out like a sore thumb

But evolution is subtle and invisible

We didn’t wake up and notice that all the litter was gone. It took years, and slowly, year by year, it began to disappear. The plan was to make a difference, and guess what,  it worked! It just took a little time to mature, that’s all.

  • We began fining people
  • We taught our kids not to do it
  • A standard was set
  • It suddenly became frowned upon
These days, we don’t have to worry (too much) about the younger generation tossing litter to the floor. We will never fully eradicate it, but an issue has been solved. All it took was a plan, some time, and a great deal of persistence.

It’s Marketing’s Turn

People don’t like change. It frightens them. 

We don’t need change, though…we need evolution. And guess what, it’s already began.

Today’s millennial wants to communicate with their customer and associate with like minded people. The old school sales person is still there, but the new generation wants to do things differently.

Marketing won’t change overnight, but it will continue to evolve. So as you read this, ask yourself where you stand. Are you embracing the new world around you? Are you open to innovation and new media and exciting ways to communicate?

Or are you clinging to the past?

By all means cling, but one day you’ll find people giving you the evil eye, just like we do to someone throwing a can of Coke on the floor today. Once upon a time you’d have gotten away with it, but not anymore.

Our world is evolving. Are you ready?

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