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Welcome to my world. I AM TURNDOG

(or as my mother likes to call me… Matthew Turner)

I’m a wordsmith, coffee connoisseur and man on a mission to help my fellow Millennial escape the hustle so they can live a life of Freedom, Abundance and Success.

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First things first… here’s my latest book

It’s a Business Fable written for today’s entrepreneur stuck in the hustle.

(think The Alchemist for the millennial generation)

If you’re on a mission to change the world with your work, it’s a book you may like to read…


The Anti Hustle: How 36 Entrepreneurs Escaped The Hustle

In a world of Hustle Porn… I say #FucktheHustle and embrace The Anti-Hustle Movement instead. In this article I talk about HOW, as well asking 30+ of my expert friends…

This is How To Manage Time To Escape The Hustle + Grind

In this article I show you how to double your business & revenue by working LESS. Sounds crazy, I know… but this is what you need to do to escape the hustle so you can live a life of Freedom + Abundance + Success …

Work Life Balance: The Millennial Pursuit of Success and Happiness

Work / Life Balance DOES NOT exist (at least, not how society portrays it). Trying to live this lie holds you back, and is one of the core reasons why so many people are unhappy and dissatisfied. Want to break free? Read on and dive in …


Book Launch: Beyond The Pale

I'm delighted to announce that my latest book -- Beyond The Pale: a Fable about Escaping the Hustle and Finding Yourself is now available and finally of this world. After several years of research, interviews, writing, re-writing, editing, and preparing for launch......

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