3 Things I’ve Learned From Young Entrepreneurs





If there’s one thing we can’t control, it’s time. As this never ending elements ticks on, so does our age. Our once innovative ideas get replaced by newer, fresher ones. They usually come from bright young sparks unafraid of what the world has to offer.

This is why I work with Young Entrepreneurs

This is why I approach these people, look to interview them, and work alongside them. At 28 years of age, I’m still young(ish). This will diminish, though, but I want to be part of innovative ideas for as long as I can. The best way to do this?

Speak to Young Entrepreneurs!

I’m still new to this game, but the young minds I’ve connected with have taught me some great things. Many of this involved things I already knew. HOWEVER, through fear or ignorance or blind eyes, I didn’t see it.

Yet if a young twenty something can, so can I.


I Was Blind, But Then A Young Entrepreneur Helped

Are you born with the trait of the Entrepreneur?

I’m not sure if this is the case or not. I feel much of it can be learned, but like most things, a natural desire has to be there. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think I have the natural entrepreneur gene in me.

I didn’t aspire to own my own business

I haven’t always been a risk taker

In general, I’m scared of a lot of things

Hardly the signs of a young entrepreneur, is it? However, the whole premise of this world fascinates me. It’s a world I want to be part of. These people are the people I wish to learn from, work with, and spend my time on.

Do I have the natural vigour of a Young Entrepreneur? I’m not sure. One thing I do know is I’m learning, and these are 3 things I’ve picked up so far.


3 Things Learned From Young Entrepreneurs

I’m a firm believer in learning. If I go a day without learning, it’s day wasted in my opinion. I feel we can all learn things from people, especially those who are younger than us.

I first discovered this when I was a Camp Counsellor in America. I worked with teenagers all summer long and they taught me so much. Allowing yourself to learn from those younger than you is very important in self development.


1: Start Doing

I’m naturally a planner. I’m a Strategic Marketer, so it’s fair to say I like Strategy and Structure and Organisation. This isn’t bad, but to really succeed, you need to DO.

When I speak to Young Entrepreneurs I see doer’s. I see it in their eyes. They do things rather than talk about them. What they got to lose?

No mortgage or kids or responsibilities. They are a walking talking doing machine

2: Don’t Look Back

Young Entrepreneurs tend to have been told a lot of things about the past. They are fed up of it. They don’t look back at how things have been, instead they look forward at how things could be done.

This is something we could all learn.

3: Collaborate

I don’t think Young Entrepreneurs see the world as competitive. They see everything as an opportunity to collaborate, which in this modern world, isn’t a bad thing.

It comes back to not having as much responsibility, so it’s less about making money NOW, and more about making connections.


You Can Learn Too

As I say, these are things I already knew, but when you see it from a 19 year old, or someone still at University, or someone with an innocent spark in their eye…it means that much more.

You too can learn from a Young Entrepreneur. All you have to do is reach out and make a connection. Don’t approach it like you know best. Approach it with new eyes, because that’s what they will do.

Are they perfect? No

Do they make mistakes? Yes

What’s wrong with that, though. We all make them.


What have you learned from a Young Entrepreneur?

Please share a story below. A story about you and someone young with ideas a plenty…

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