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Welcome to The Turndog Tales: the week’s best and brightest news. I found choosing the articles this week tough, not because there was a lack of greatness, but because there was too much!

We’ve been spoiled with awesomeness people!

Well, here’s the final list. I hope you enjoy them like I have:


Launch Your Book In Style

Launch day is plain old terrifying (at least I imagine it will be). So many things can go wrong, but alas, the Duolit girls – via Danny Iny – have come up with a plan to get the most out of your big day

Glance over this list and see what you are and aren’t doing. Don’t fall into the trap. Be prepared and give your launch say the respect it deserves

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Engage Baby

If you read this Blog you’ll know where I stand on engagement. I fricking love the stuff!

Wise Ink have come up with a list of techniques to engage like a master Jedi king. Your readers are valuable people. They are your most valuable of people, so make sure you look after them. This list will help you on your way.

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How Productive Are You?

The modern day writer needs to be rather productive. Not only do you have lots of writing to do, but a whole host of other tasks, too. This great list by Alex Mathers will help.

I don’t expect you to do all of them, but we should all try a few things on this list. Take a look and see what you can implement.

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What It Looks Like One-Year In

Joanna Penn is a valuable source for any newbie writer. She’s still new to this grand game we’re in, but she has seen some solid success. She’s also been full-time for a year now, and she has learned a great deal.

It just so happens she likes to share and has offered a few tips and tricks. It not only shows you where she’s heading, but where she’s been. This is a valuable source for any aspiring author.

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Would Hemingway Be A Blogger?

According to Kristen Lamb, yes, yes he would!

I love this article. It showcases the true benefits of blogging to a writer. It avoids the buzzword positives like traffic and sales, and instead focusses on the practice of craft and development of relationships. Take a peek and see if you can get on board!

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

$17.99 for an ebook? Yep, that’s what JK Rowling’s new book will cost. If you ask me, this is craziness!

This article by Laura Hazard Owen goes into why this price exists, and what it could mean moving forward. What’s your opinion? Will you be paying this price to get the new JK novel on your Kindle?

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And that’s a wrap for yet another week. I hope you have an amazing weekend and look forward to you coming back soon. Before you leave, please take a look at a few of my own Posts from the past seven days. They include:

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