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Welcome everyone. It’s been a hectic few weeks, and as such, The Turndog Tales has taken a back seat. The site is up and running now, though, so welcome back to the weekly bout of news from Turndog Headquaters.

I scour the web often and come across some great content. This is what I share with you now. So sit back, relax, and kick this Friday off in style:


Being An Introvert Is Ok

In my natural form, I’m quite an introvert. I try and come out of my shell whenever I can, but I enjoy ‘me’ time, and am rather private, in general.

This Post from Susan Cain tells us how it’s ok to be an introvert. Of course, you should never feel bad about who you are, but us quiet ones feel guilty sometimes. We feel we should be full of chatter, want to spend time with others, and scream from the rooftops.

Well, if you’re an introvert, please read this. It will help. And if you’re not, read it anyway and see how the other half live

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Don’t Fear, Fear

Danny Brown writes a great post about not fearing fear. He says how we should use it to our advantage, and as someone who’s recently taken a few big risks, it was particularly apt for me.

It’s a pick me up kind of post, and I’m sure it will help you keep focus.

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Don’t Be Green With envy

Denise Urena (via Jeff Goins) produced a quite amazing post. It struck me immediately and really got me thinking. I respect and admire many, but this post made me realise to not act in awe.

Respect, yes, but should I really be yearning for their attention? No…that’s the conclusion I came to. If I want to be equal I must treat them so. This is something you should read. Trust me!

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The Demise Of DRM?

I’m not a fan of DRM. I know they say it stops piracy, but I don’t buy this one bit. It’s to protect the likes of Amazon, but as a reader and author, the demise of DRM will bring huge benefits.

Laura Hazard Own creates a great little article, and hopefully this is the beginning of the end for DRM. IPG are taking a stand, will others follow? What are your thoughts on DRM?

Are you for or against?

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You Too Can Have Obsesses Fans

Fans are great, but rabid fans are better. We all want people to love and admire us, and the Duolit girls lets us know how we can achieve this.

It isn’t easy, but this post offers some good advice. If you;re creating an Author Platform this is a post for you. In fact, this site in general, is.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Sony are bringing out a new Harry Potter Spell Book/Video Game. Oh dear!

I don’t hold much faith in this at all. Don’t get me wrong, I see the point in such exercises, but as it’s coming from Sony, well, I doubt it will keep up to the Harry Potter standards. This is commercialisation at its heart.

What do you think? A success or epic failure to be?

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There you go ladies and gents. I hope you liked this weeks picks, I’ll be back next Friday with more.

I’ve been releasing my own Content this week, too, so please take a look below and see if anything connects with you. Have a great weekend and speak to you soon.

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