How Much Is Too Much?




The world is full of give and take. Businesses, traditionally speaking, have been known for taking. They take and they take, and I suppose the writing was always on the wall.

Eventually the consumer would hit back!

I feel the time is now. These days companies of all types need to give back. The more I search, the more I hear stories about businesses giving back.

In my opinion it’s a key ingredient in strategic thinking, to give more than you take, and those who read this Blog will know how I love some strategic thinking.

But how much is too much? After all, we can only offer so much, right? We all need to earn cash, create revenue,  and fill our boots with good times.


Finding The All Important Balance

Strategic Thinking is about looking beyond the end of your nose. It’s not always about what’s happening right now, but what will happen further down the road.

The right now way of thinking is pretty old school. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to consider RIGHT NOW. If we only ever think about tomorrow, we can never survive today. However, a little Strategic Thinking can help.

And this, I suppose, is that all important balance. The fine line between winning today and succeeding tomorrow. Giving will rarely help you win today, but it could make you a superstar of tomorrow.

This post is aimed at tomorrow. If you need a win right now, I suggest you stop reading and go out and hustle. But if you have your eye on next week, next month, or dare I say, next year…keep reading.


Giving More Than You Take

Some people are more generous than others. Everyone can be kind, though. We all have a little goodness inside. To give is to find this and share it with the world.

What can giving entail? Think about:

  • A Free Gift
  • A Donation
  • Some Free Content
  • A Special Thank You
  • Over Delivering
  • Going The Extra Mile
  • Doing Something Amazing
For example, I once operated a music night at a local bar. I wanted to give away some free stickers, so I went online in search for someone who could do this. I can’t remember how, but I found myself at a small site. I liked the guys style so I ordered a minimal amount (I think I spent £20),
The site said it would take 5 working days. My stickers arrived after 2

I had ordered non-glossy (they were cheaper), but the glossy one’s arrived

Inside was a hand written note saying he had given me a free upgrade
I was taken aback. I had never been a customer or never spoke to this guy before. But here he was, offering me a free upgrade. There was no need for it. The true cost to him was probably small. Had he doubled my order, this would involve giving too much.
But he gave without taking. It wasn’t a lot, but it meant a lot…to me. I had ordered the bare minimum. I was a low value customer but he still GAVE. It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that I become a much better customer after that.

What Can You Give Today?

So let me ask you this…what can you give today?
If you own a business, what can you give your customer?

If you don’t own a business, what can you give a friend or family member?
Strategic Thinking…we all need to do this!
If we want to stand out tomorrow, we need to begin the process today. We need to think outside of the box and consider what we can do. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your business does, everyone is capable of giving more than they take.
Has a company ever gone above and beyond for you?

Have they ever made you go ‘wow’?
Share your story in the comments below and inspire someone to follow suit…
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