The Turndog Tales: 26/08/2012 – 31/08/2012





Another Friday is upon us and that means one thing…The Turndog Tales

I have a full day of editing awaiting me, but before I plunge into that, let me first share my favourite stories of the week. Are you ready? Good…let’s begin.


The Art Of Falling Down

Joe Bunting starts things off with a post, which on first glance might seem negative, but when you actually read it, you realise it’s full of sunshine and hope.

Simply put, we must fail before we can succeed. Let it settle in and think about it. We all need to fall down in order to stand back up. The longer you go without failure, the harder it will be to cope. I suggest you have a read 🙂

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Keep Going, Kid

You know the feeling. You begin something but it doesn’t seem to happen. Chris Guillebeau uses the example of running, but you can substitute it for anything.

Sometimes you just have to fight through the pain. You need to suffer and keep going. It isn’t easy, but it’s what needs to be done…sometimes. Keep going, kid

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50 Shades Of Suck

I know I know, I’m bitching about ‘Fifty Shades’ again. This time it’s Catherine Ryan Howard, though. She talks about the famous fan fiction book, and how it might not be the successful indie story as people say.

It’s an interesting read, whichever side of the Grey Line you lie. 

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4 Books At Once…You Bet

Joanna Penn (JF Penn) is in the middle of a pretty hectic schedule. She’s editing a book, re-editing another, and starting a further two. Some would say she’s mad, but it’s the life of an indie author (or in her case, both an indie and published author)

It’s a great insight into the world of a writer on the rise. It sure helps you prepare yourself for the future (at least the future we all hope for).

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Would You Pay The Price?

The biggest story of the week has surrounded reviews, and how some people are paying for them. I find it all very sad!

As an author who’s been emailing dozens of reviewers and looking to leave a mark in an ever growing market, it hits you hard when you hear stories like this. It’s a two finger solute to fellow writers, readers, and self-publishing in general. It’s times like this when self-publishing takes a step back. Like the haters need more fuel, right?

I read four great stories about this:

Galley Cat

Porter Anderson

The Book Designer

Duolit (read the comments)


The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Is it possible for Author Solutions to be even more useless? Yes…somehow, it is.

Emily Suess talks about a new follower on Google+, which after a little digging, turns out to be a fake Author Solutions employee. Seriously, this is just sad…oh so sad. Come on people, all we want is a little honesty in this world

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And that’s a wrap. Another week, another great set of posts.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have found some useful posts. If you have some time to spare, why not read my own tales from the last few days. They include:

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